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A1 Movers Speaking test – Giorgia | Cambridge English (English with Cambrige)
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This is an example of a real oral A1 Cambridge exam for children.

Read more about the A1 Movers test:

You can download the examiner's comments on this test:

Part 1
What's in Part 1? The examiner will greet the child and ask their name and age. Then they look at two pictures. The pictures are similar but they have some differences. The examiner asks the child to describe four differences in the pictures.

What should children practise? Describing differences between pictures. Talking about colour, size, number, position, how people/things look, what people are doing, etc.

Part 2
What's in Part 2? The examiner shows four pictures which tell a story and tells the child about the first picture. The child has to continue the story and describe the other three pictures. The title of the story and the name(s) of the main character(s) are provided.

What should children practise? Understanding the beginning of a story and then continuing it. Describing pictures.

Part 3
What's in Part 3? The examiner shows the child four sets of four pictures. In each set of pictures, one picture is different from the others. The child has to say which picture is different and explain why.

What should children practise? Suggesting a picture which is different and explaining why.

Part 4
What's in Part 4? The examiner asks the child some questions about him/herself (for example, school, weekends, friends and hobbies).

What should children practise? Understanding and responding to personal questions.



Hello, this is Giorgia.
Hello, my name's Chris.
- What's your name? - My name is Giorgia.
- How old are you, Giorgia? - I'm 11 years old.


Look at these pictures. They look the same, but some things are different. Here,
there are three trees, but here, there are two trees. What other different things
can you see?
The duck in this picture… The duck is in front of a car.
But in this picture, the duck
- is behind the car. - Good.
In this picture, the field is brown,
- but in this picture, the field is green. - Very good.
In this picture is nothing the sun,
but in this picture, the sun is in this picture.
There is a sun.
In this picture, the horse is jumping, but in this picture, the horse are
- standing up. - Excellent.


These pictures show a story.
It's called "The Clever Dog". Look at the pictures first.
Holly and John are playing table tennis in the garden.
The baby and the dog are there, too.
Mum's saying, "Please watch the baby for me".
Now, you tell the story.
In this picture, the boy and the girl are playing table tennis.
But a dog is watching the baby. In this picture, the boy and girl
are nothing play the table tennis.
What's mum saying?
- Seeing a baby. - OK
In this picture, mum, a boy and a girl are happy.
What's the baby
- doing? - The baby is sleeping.
And what's mum saying to the dog?
She's saying, "Well done".


Now, look at these four pictures. One is different. The book is different.
A lemon, a pineapple and an orange are fruit.
You eat them. You don't eat a book.
You read it.
Now, you tell me about these pictures. Which one is different?
In these picture, there are woman, a man and a boy and a grandmother,
- but a grandmother are reading a book. - OK.
In these picture, there are apple, orange juice and a salad,
but orange juice are drinking.
In this picture, there are a boy, a man, a girl and a woman, but a boy,
- a woman and a man are in the supermarket.


-Very good, Giorgia.
Now, let's talk about your family. How many people are there in your family?
In my family, there are three people.
Who's the oldest in your family?
My father.
What do you like doing with your family?
Are watching the match.
Tell me about your father.
Well, father is tall and thin.
And what's your father's name?
My father's name is Micke.
OK, thank you, Giorgia.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye.

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