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At The Shoe Shop - model conversation (ESLConversation)
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Learn English conversation: At The Shoe shop

Learn English conversation. At the shoe shop.

Hello miss, how may I help you?
Hi there! I'm looking for some fancy shoes.
Alright, do you have any colour or style in mind?
Well, I'm going to a dinner party, and they need to match my blue dress.
We have some nice blue heels over here. How about this one?
That shoe's heel is way too high for me.
Alright, how about this one? The heel is short, and it's really cute.
Yeah, that one is pretty cute... What size is it?
We have multiple sizes for each shoe. What size do you wear?
I wear a size 7.
Oh, that's too bad. We don't have this shoe in size 7.
Do you have any cute blue flats?
Yeah, we do. Here, how about this one? It's got nice silver buckles too.
Perfect, my dress is blue and silver.
Alright, and it looks like we have a size 7. Do you want these?
Yeah, those will go well with my dress.
Alright. Did you want anything else?
Actually, yes. I wanted to get some sneakers also.
What kind of sneakers. Will you be running in them?
Yes, I need new sneakers to use when I exercise.
Alright, we have a bunch of running shoes on this wall.
Alright, can I have those black ones at the top?
Sure. Here they are, size 7. Would you like to try them on?
Yes please... Wow! These are really comfortable!
Would you like to buy them also?
Yes, I would. They're a lot better than my old running sneakers.
Alright, your total will be $40.
Ok, here you go!
Thank you, have a nice day!
You too, thanks!

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