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Health Problems-Vocabulary (Woodward English)
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English Vocabulary about common health problems.

We start with different expressions that can be used to ask how somebody is. (How do you feel? How are you today? etc.)
Then we have some typical responses, both positive and negative.
(I feel + adjective, Not so good, Not very well, etc.)

We explain the expressions "What's the matter?" and "What's wrong?" and then the common structures for a response: I have + health problem or I've got + health problem.

Then we have examples of common health problems which include the following: asthma, a backache, a broken leg, a cold, a cough, an earache, a fever, the flu, a headache, heartburn, (the) measles, a rash, a sore throat, a stomachache/a stomach ache (both spellings and the difference between both), sunburn, a toothache.

Then there are practice dialogues where students need to complete the blanks.

There are summary charts at the end of the video.

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