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Meeting People - model conversation (ESLConversation)
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A model conversation for a situation where you meet new people and start chatting away.

Meeting people.

Hi there, my name is Jane!
Hi Jane! I'm Jessica
It's nice to meet you
Nice to meet you too. Do you like meeting new people?
I love meeting new people. What about you?
I get a bit nervous when I meet new people.
Me too. Sometimes I don't know what to say.
Same here. I don't want to offend people.
Neither do I. First impressions aren't that important, though.
You think so? I think they're very important.
They can be, but a lot of times they're wrong.
Yeah, that's true. What do you normally do when you first meet someone?
Well, I introduce myself just like I did with you.
Me too! Sometimes I tell people my age when I meet them.
I worry about asking someone their age, because they might be offended.
Where I come from, it isn't impolite to ask.
That's cool. So, are you still nervous?
Not really, now that we've talked for a bit.
I'm always a bit shy around people anyway.
Really? I'm the opposite!
Yeah, I tend to stay pretty quite.
I'm quite if I don't know what to say.
What do you normally talk about when you first meet someone?
I usually talk about my hobbies or interests.
That's cool. I usually ask a lot of questions.
Aren't you afraid you'll ask something inappropriate?
Not really. I don't ask really personal questions.
That's good. So, do you meet new people a lot?
Not really. This is pretty rare for me.
Oh, I meet new people all the time. I go out a lot.
Where do you go to meet people?
I meet people at parties and when I'm with my friends.
Oh, ok. I don't go to a lot of parties.
Maybe I'll take you to one.
Cool! I'll get to meet more people.

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