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The apple of my eye (Learn English idioms)
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YOU'RE SO BECOMING= (formal) You're so cute.

LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU= Wanting to see you very much.
You use "look forward to +ing" to talk about a big desire, something you really want and expect to happen.j
- I'm looking forward to my holidays, I can't wait!
- She's looking forward to starting her new job, she's so excited about it.

RADIANT= If a person is or looks radiant, they look very happy indeed.

I COULD EAT YOU= you're good enough to eat = you're hot, you're very attractive.

A CHARMER= A person who knows what to say and do to atract you.

YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE= You are the person I love most (or one of the people I love most), you're my favourite.
We can say this about our lover or about our favourite child, or also about somebody that we like very much and we feel biased and tender about them.

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