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The Family - model conversation (ESLConversation)
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Learn English conversation: The Family

Learn English conversation: The Family.

Hey, how many people do you know in your family?
I know several cousins, aunts, and uncles.
I only know my two sisters and one brother in my family.
That’s okay.
You know a lot of people in your family.
Well, that’s because I visit them often.
Wow, I don’t really visit other family members.
You should, as it keeps you close to them.
I need to ask my parents more about my other family members.
Do your parents even keep connections with others?
I think so, since I do hear them talk about my cousins sometimes.
I hope your parents keep you in contact with them.
Me too, since I’m really curious.
That’s very good.
I would be more closer with them.
There should also be a family reunion.
That would be awesome, since I don’t think we've ever had one.
And you should be able to reconnect with distant relatives.
It makes me happy thinking about it.
Tell me more about your relatives if you meet them.
Yes. How often do you see your family?
Almost every day.
Wow, I feel like I should do that.
Being around your family should make you more kind.
It’s going to be a great experience for me.

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