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Word of the day: Cheap (Dóris Seibert) (Spain)
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Learn different ways of using the word "cheap" in your everyday language.

Hi Everyone!

This is Doris from Top English Dynamic Learning, thanks for dropping by!

Today I wanted to talk about the word of the day, which is "cheap", as you can see... right? So here we go!

Cheap is something low in price, something that has a good value or something low in quality. For instance, I can say... uh... take a look at this picture...

That supermarket is very cheap, I always buy things for a very low price. See that I have very little money, just a few coins for all this? It´s very cheap!

Another example is this one, take a look: The flight only cost us one hundred dollars, can you believe it? That´s very cheap for this time of the year. So look at that, a super "euro" only for that flight, right? So, it´s very low in price, it means it´s cheap.

Another sentence, another example is this one. Take a look. You only wear cheap shoes, I'm not surprised that they´ve fallen apart!! So in this case, cheap is again meaning low in quality, alright? So, you only wear cheap shoes... take a look!

Uhm... another meaning now is that if you make someone feel cheap, alright? If you make someone feel cheap you make them feel bad about themselves.   For instance: what you said to me the other day was just horrible. It made me feel cheap. See the little guy here is really sad? Alright? It made me feel cheap.

Now, another thing is that when someone is not willing to, or doesn´t want to spend money you can call THEM cheap. Look at that... this guy... oops.. this guy here... he is so cheap he wouldn´t even buy his mother a birthday card. You see that? So, he doesn´t want to pay any money even for the birthday card. So, he´s so cheap he wouldn´t even buy his mother a birthday card.  OK?

Thanks for watching us and see you again soon! Bye-bye!!


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