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2010 Rap (thecomputernerd01)
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It's a new year, 2010 and something is changing... well, at least as far as numbers are concerned. For years before 2000 we read years in groups of 2 (1992 = nineteen ninety two), for years after 2010 we will read it the same (2011 = twenty eleven), but for years between 2000 and 2010 we say it in one go (2000= year two thousand, 2005= two thousand and five). Now, the problem is 2010, there's some confusion about how to read it, at least right now, in January. Some people say two thousand and ten and some people say twenty-ten.

These two guys have composed a parody rap to celebrate this new year, and they also seem pretty confused about how to pronounce it.

- Yo, Tyler
- Yo, Wire
- Yo bro, it's 2010
- Are you cereal?
- I'm serious, but I have no cereal with me right now.
- No "Captain Crunch"?
- No "Popeye". It's more important than "Captain Crunch". It's 2010.
- I thought it was 2011.
- No bro, it's 2010.
- Oh, like
- No, more like 20.10.
- Oh.
- It's pretty serious.
- Dude!
- What?
- We should rap about it.
- Are you serious?
- Down with the heezle-neezle?
- The heezle-heezle?
- Gees'n'gers
- Gees'n'gas
- Yukhuaree
- Let's make a rap.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.

It's 20.10 fools, everybody get up because it's 2010.
It's a brand new stinking year
It's 20.10 fools, everybody get up because it's 2010.
And we like to build fires.
It's 20.10, or should I say two thousand and ten and everybody is so happy but it's just another day.
Sniff all the markers.
I've got my Rubik's cube, that's all I need
And I found this five-dollar bill on the ground
And it's from Canada, I don't even live there
He doesn't even live there
I carry big guns around, it makes me feel muscular
It's 20.10, it's a brand new year
We should celebrate by skipping down the street
And we look like idiots
Yo, check it
I'm a ganster, son, cause I got long hair and I like to say "yo" a lot
I think it's 2010 but I don't give a chapstick
I like to play X'Eyes and I like to play Eggs Pots.
He likes to play Eggs Pots.
I like to eat ribs.
His hair is really curly, yea
He owns three cats
It's 2010 but we don't really care
It's just another year and we like to build fires


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