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Facebook song (Rhett & Link)
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This is a funny song about Facebook and how it changed our way of making friends.

I wouldn't call myself a social butterfly
And there's not much that separates me from the other guy
But when I log in, I begin to live

There's an online world where I am king
Of a little website dedicated to me
With pictures of me and a list of my friends
And an unofficial record of the groups that I'm in.

Before the internet friendship was so tough
You actually had to be in people's presence and stuff
Who would've thought that with a point and a click
I would know that "Hope Floats" is your favourite flick (Harry Connick jr.?)

Facebook (Facebook)
I'm hooked on Facebook
I used to meet girls hangin' out at the mall
But now I just wait for them to write on my wall.
Take a look. (You're Hooked) on facebook.

Hey, it says that Link's status changed
He's playing the recorder...

How do you know this person?
Did you hook up with this person?
Do you need to request confirmation?
Or did you just think they looked cute... in their picture on facebook?

If the internet crashed all across the land
Or my facebook account was deleted by the man
I'd carry around a picture of my face
And a summary of me typed out on a page
Facebook (Facebook)
I'm Hooked on Facebook
It's more than a want, it's more than a need
I'd shrivel up and die without my minifeed
Take a look. (You're Hooked) on facebook...
Take a look on Facebook –book –book –book –book!

A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY= Someone who is VERY social and easygoing. Usually these people don’t belong to a particular group, but rather jump from one group to another. They are somewhat accepted in all of them, but don’t really have any deep friendship connections in any of them.

GUY= (esp. AmE) man, boy.

THERE'S NOT MUCH THAT SEPARATES ME FROM THE OTHER GUY= I'm not special, I'm a normal person (more or less the same as everybody else).

LOG IN= Connect into the Internet or a particular website. In order to log in, you need to writhe your username and a password.

ONLINE= Something online is something virtual that exists on the Internet.

SO TOUGH= /tʌf/ Very very difficult.

ACTUALLY= In fact.

IN PEOPLE'S PRESENCE= In front of people, so that they could see you.

AND STUFF= The word STUFF is very popular in colloquial English (esp. AmE) and it means "thing" or "things", and the phrase AND STUFF used at the end of the sentence means "and all that kind of things", "etc", "and other things":
- To be a painter you need to have talent, practise a lot and stuff = ... practise, etc.

WHO WHOULD'VE THOUGHT...!= We use this to express past disbelieve. It means that in the past, nobody would have thought this could be possible.
- Who would have thought that now we would be sending rockets to the Moon! = In the past, this idea seemed impossible, nobody could think this could become true.

A POINT= The act of pointing (with your mouse)

FLICK= (coll.) movie, film

I'M HOOKED ON...= If you are hooked on something, you are addicted to it, you can't live without it.

USED TO= We use this phrase to talk about a past habit that is not true anymore.

HANGING OUT= Spending time there together, with no special purpose (like when you are hanging out with friends, just to be together and have fun).

MALL (AmE) = /mɔ:l/ Shopping centre (BrE) = A big building with lots of shops, but also recreational places inside (cinemas, arcades, playgrounds, restaurants, bars, etc). In many countries, but most of all the USA, malls are not only the most important places for shopping, but also for spending your free time, meeting people and socializing.

MY WALL= If you have a Facebook account, you know what the WALL is. It's the part of your page where you or any of your friends can write comments or post things (videos, links, etc.) or comment on your comments. So it's, basically, where most of the action takes place on your facebook account.

TAKE A LOOK= Have a look / come and see /look!

LINK= The name of a person (one of the two singers on this video)

LINK'S STATUS CHANGED= The status (=situation) of a person in Facebook is some information about what that person is doing or feeling, and everybody can see it (if you want to show it). Every time you update your status, it changes and shows your new status.

RECORDER= A flute with eight finger holes.

HOOK UP WITH= If you hook up with a person, you have a romantic or sexual affair with that person.

REQUEST CONFIRMATION= If you request confirmation you ask for confirmation. You need to do this on Facebook in some cases. For example, if you want to say in your profile (=the place where you write your personal information) that you are the son of Obama, you need to request confirmation from Obama's account. If he sends confirmation, then that information will appear on your profile. If he denies confirmation (rejects it), that information is considered false and it won't appear, so you can't say that you're Obama's son without his consent (=permission).

CUTE= (esp. AmE) A person (or an animal or thing) who is cute, is pretty/handsome and lovable and you think it's sooooo nice.

CRASHED= Collapsed. If your computer crashes or if your Internet connection crashes, then it stops working. In this sentence, we use this verb in the past because it is a conditional clause talking about something not probable (so this is the "unreal past tense", but it's not talking about a past situation, just about an improbably hypotheical situation).


DELETED=  /dɪli:tɪd/  Eliminated.

THE MAN= (AmE slang) A person or group felt to be in a position of power or authority. The person or people in charge or responsible for it.

CARRY AROUND= Transport everywhere.

TYPED OUT= Written on a piece of paper using a typing machine or a computer.

SHRIVEL UP= If something shrivels up (usually fruit), it starts getting dry, smaller and wrinkled.

MINI-FEED= On the Facebook social networking site, a Mini-Feed is found in the top-right portion of your user profile. This Mini-Feed will provide details on new friends, new applications you have installed, messages sent by applications, and basically can report on any changes from an application that can be seen as a news event. You can mark some of these items as spam, and you can also control, to some extent, how much or how little detail is provided in your Mini-Feed through the application and privacy settings.

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