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First Asian boy (Timothy Delaghetto)
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This is a funny and almost professional parody of the famous song "American Boy", by Estelle feat and Kanyes West, changing the lyrics. You can watch the original song here: American Boy. In this song, an American Asian boy makes fun of all the stereotypes about Asian people.


So, what’s up?
(you) said you never dated an Asian guy before.
Oh girl, you don’t know what you’re missing.
Ha ha. Look, look. Just listen:

Ahem, let me introduce
Myself ‘cuz I know that you ain’t used
To a(n) Asian dude stepping to you like me
But, hey, give it a chance, I just might be
Just the refreshing squeeze of lemonade
You need in your life when it gets depressing
Come with me and decrease the stressing
A new type of dude, lemme teach ya a lesson

Baby-girl don’t trip, come on, just take my hand
I’ll introduce you to my world, stop in Thailand
I really want to show you how we do
I can be your first Asian boy

She said, its really nice to meet ya- likewise
I never had a boy like you wit tight eyes
Step to me quite wit a game like yours
I said pack yo bags and come on my tour
let down yo hair while I cook some rice
And I swear that we don’t all look alike
And no, I’m not no math expert
But you plus me I know It just works
So pause yo life and start to rewind
And leave all them other lame dudes behind
show you how I do in my continent
Where the ladies get respect and compliments
Confident, not gon be starin' all night
Cuz I’m not yo average stereotype
More than makin’ shoes and makin’ toys
I could make you smile, yo Asian boy

Baby-girl don’t trip, come on, just take my hand
I’ll introduce you to my world, stop in Thailand
I really want to show you how I do
I can be your first Asian boy

Wanna get away? Watcha got to lose?
Come on in girl, take off yo shoes
Show me yo soul and I'll show you mine
If yo toes ain’t did, well, boo, that’s just fine
My aunt does nails, nah I’m just playin’
But don’t get too comfy, cuz we ain’t stayin’
Take you to Beijing while we're dating
(I’ll) show you the Great Wall, it's amazing
Show me yo soul in Seoul, Korea
(I) have been lookin’ for a girl like you my whole career
In the Philippines scene we'll ride in slow-mo
Sit in the lo-lo, eat chicken adobo
If you got skills then you should show me
Cuz all of our houses got karaoke
Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Pnoy
Go head and take yo pick girl, Asian boys

Baby-girl don’t trip, come on, just take my hand
I’ll introduce you to my world, stop in Thailand
I really want to show you how we do
I can be your first Asian boy

Konichiwa-wa san

Who killin’ them on YouTube
She gon respond like You, dude
A shock to me
I didn’t think she be watching me.
She said, can we go get some pho now?
I said get some what? Oh well
Actually Its pronounced "pha", oh
Well, can we go get some? Fasho
Hey chinky, I know what ya thinkin’.
He look like he always blinkin’
Take my hand, come to Thailand
she love my Thais but not what she drinkin’
tell me what’s your mental
about this oriental
gentle-man but I break you off like the tip of a pencil.
Dress fly like the freshest prince.
Before they out got the freshest kix
And you thought I was just a hypebeast.
But look at these Nikes, is anybody like me?
And I know you ain’t in to my kind.
I seen yo exs, they not impressive.
But I still make that CASH.
Always on my grind I’m a good investment.
And if you liked Jin when he flows.
or Dante Basco on old black shows
then maybe you should date me
cuz we’d make some pretty babies

So let’s get some tight grub
How about some rice?
Maybe some boba with lots of ice

Baby-girl don’t trip, come on, just take my hand
I’ll introduce you to my world, stop in Thailand
I really want to show you how I do
I can be your first Asian boy

Ha, ha, ha.
What’s up, ladies!
I’m telling you
It’s the newest craze
Kick all those stinky dudes on the side
Go with the Asian dude
We’re nice and compact
We’re clean, we don’t make a mess
We got aunties that can do your hair, your nails
Do your math homework for you.

[after the song, there’s a quotation from the movie "Coming to America", where Eddie Murphy plays the role of the Prince of Zamunda:]

"Your royal p**** is clean, your Highness
Thank you. King’s..."

First, let’s see some colloquialisms used in this song:

YO (coll. AmE)= A colloquial way to say "your". Actually, it’s pronounced /jɔ:/, without the final R sound.
YA (coll. BrE & AmE)= A colloquial way to say "you", but weak, pronounced /jə/ or /jʌ/ (AmE /jɑ/).
CUZ (coll.)= Because
AIN’T (coll.)= The negative form of "to be" or "have" in the present (e.g. "He ain’t no surfer = he’s not a surfer", "I ain’t no money / I ain’t got no money= I haven’t got any money")
WIT’ (AmE coll.)= A colloquial version of "with".
STARIN’, MAKIN’, etc. (coll.) = Staring, Making, etc.

AHEM= No word, just a sound we make when we want to clear our throat and get ready to speak.

STEPPING TO YOU= If you step to someone you walk to them and talk to them.

CHANCE= Opportunity, possibility.

DECREASE= Reduce, make smaller. Decrease the stressing = get less stressed.

DUDE (coll.)= Guy, man.

LEMME (coll.)= Let me

TRIP= As a noun, it’s a journey, but as a verb, "to trip" is "to stumble", when you are walking and your foot hits something and you lose balance and/or fall down, so "don’t trip" means "don’t stumble" (take my hand so that you won’t fall down if you trip).

LIKEWISE= In the same way; similarly. So if someone tells you "nice to meet you", you can say "likewise", which here means "nice to meet you too".

LET DOWN YOUR HAIR= If a girl has her hair caught up in some kind of hairstyle like a pony tail, a bun or something, when she lets down her hair she loosens it so that it’s all free and falls down. But we can also use this expression to mean "relax" or even "get wild (put your inhibitions aside)". In this context it means "relax".

WE DON’T ALL LOOK ALIKE= We don’t all look identical (alike = the same, similar).

PAUSE YOUR LIFE AND START TO REWIND= A metaphor taken from music players, where you can: play, pause, rewind (go back quickly) and fast-forward (go ahead quickly).

LEAVE ALL THEM OTHER LAME DUDES= In colloquial English (AmE & BrE) some people use THEM meaning THOSE.

LAME= Here it means "damaged" or "unsatisfactory".

COMPLIMENTS= A compliment is something nice you say to another person.

NOT GON BE STARIN’ ALL NIGHT= I’m not going to be staring at you all night (to stare = to look directly and fixedly, usually with eyes wide open).

WANNA GET AWAY= Do you want to go away with me?

WATCHA GOT TO LOSE= What do you have to lose? = You have nothing to lose (so do it and don’t think more about it).

SOUL= Spirit.

IF YO TOES AIN’T DID= If your toe-nails aren’t nice and painted (pedicure).

WELL, BOO, THAT’S JUST FINE= Well, bah, no problem.

MY AUNT DOES NAILS= My aunt takes care of nails (she practises pedicure).

NAH (coll.)= No.

I’M JUST PLAYIN’= I’m just kidding/joking, I’m not serious (it’s not true).

COMFY (coll.)= Comfortable.

WE AIN’T STAYIN’= We’re not going to stay (we’re going to leave soon).

WE’RE DATING= If you’re dating a girl/boy, you are going out with them because you are boyfriend and girlfriend (or more or less).

MY WHOLE CAREER= All my life.

IN SLOW-MO= In slow motion (very slowly).

LO-LO= I suppose it’s some kind of typical Filipino transport (I’m not even sure of the spelling).

CHICKEN ADOBO= Filipino adobo made with chicken. ADOBO is on of the most typical Filipino dishes, with Spanish influence, as most of Filipino Cuisine.

PNOY (coll. AmE)= Filipino (from the Philippine Islands). This term is quite common in America, but some Filipinos consider it derogatory (bad), though many others find it ok and even use it themselves, so in this song it is not pejorative, just colloquial.


Konichiwa-wa san [in Japanese language]

WHO KILLIN’ THEM ON YOUTUBE= Who is killing them on YouTube?
Not too sure about the meaning of this line, but I suppose it means "who is the one all the girls love when they watch him on YouTube" (them= girls).

SHE GON RESPOND= She’s going to answer.

I DIDN’T THINK SHE BE WATCHING ME= I didn’t think she would be watching me.

PHO= Vietnamese beef noodle soup. As far as I know it is pronounced "fuh", /fʌ/. But in this song they say it is pronounced "fa", /fæ/, so I guess both pronunciations are right. Some people say "fur", /fɜ:/.

FASHO= Of course. It comes from the expression: "for sure" (/fəʃɔ:/).

CHINKY (coll. AmE)= A racist term used to describe anybody that is oriental. Same as we commented with the word PNOY, it may be just colloquial if used by oriental people, but it is derogatory if used by people from other races.

HE LOOK LIKE HE ALWAYS BLINKIN’= To blink is to almost close your eyes (for instance, when you look to the sky and the sun is very shiny, you blink your eyes). In this sentence he says HE LOOK without -S; in colloquial speech we sometimes drop the -S for the 3rd person singular. Later also says SHE LOVE MY THAIS, etc.

TELL ME WHAT’S YOUR MENTAL ABOUT THIS ORIENTAL= Tell me what do you think about me.

GENTLE-MAN= He uses the word "gentleman" but really he means "a gentle man", a man with smooth and nice manners, which is the original sense of this word.

KIX (coll. AmE)= Something very funny.

HYPEBEAST= A person who follows a trend to be cool or in style. Someone who always dresses in fashion clothes.

I SEEN YO EXS, THEY NOT IMPRESSIVE= I have seen your ex-boyfriends, they’re not impressive (they don’t impress me, I don’t like them).

ON MY GRIND= Working hard.

JIN= an Asian American hip-hop singer (the most famous one at the moment).

DANTE BASCO= A famous Filipino-American dancebreaker, then an actor.

YOU SHOULD DATE ME= You should go out with me, you should be my date (AmE), my girlfriend (Am/BrE).

GRUB (AmE coll.)= Food.

BOBA(AmE)= Small tapioca balls, that are usually found in drinks. Drinks containing those tapioca balls.

WHAT’S UP (coll. AmE, getting popular in the UK too)= Hello. How are you?

CRAZE= A short-lived popular fashion; a fad.

STINKY DUDES= Stupid men.

WE DON’T MAKE A MESS= We’re tidy; we don’t get things dirty.

WE GOT AUNTIES= We’ve got aunts. AUNTY is a familiar way to refer to an aunt (e.g. She’s my dear aunty), just in the same way as we can use "daddy" for "dad".


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