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White boy rappin' (Paint)
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My submission for Mystery Guitar Man's song contest! He picked the top 50 videos (a list he didn't release) and determined the top 10 by a random number generator. I had an 80% chance of not making the cut, and I didn't make the cut. But it was fun nonetheless!


Hi there! I'm Jon Cozart on I'm a big fan, MGM, but I'm really white. So...

I'm Jon, yeah
I'm not a gangster, fool
Cause I follow all the rules
I play ping pong and pool
I don't disrespect authority
Or go against majority
Let's face it
My momma is my number one priority
I like Sarah Palin
There's no chicks that I'm nailing
And you'll never catch me failing
Cause I'm sailing through school
I'm white, I'm white
I'm really, really white
I'm so pale I practically get sunburnt at night
Hey, where you at?
Put your hands in the air
I got a big black comb for my white boy hair
So don't expect me to be nice
I spread like lice
I'm colder than cold
I froze Vanilla Ice
My name is Paint
The lyrical saint
I got too many girls
I wanna file a complaint
I'm 19, although I look like I'm 9
But I pick my women like fruit off the vine
I make guys jealous
And I make girls squeal
That's a lie, I got no sex appeal
So I don't care if you hate me
Girls already don't date me
So go click, subscribe
And don't forget to rate me


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