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My Likes and Dislikes: Listening

My Likes and Dislikes: Listening
Activity Yes-No
Activity Yes-No

Here are the things Johnny likes and the things he doesn't like. First read the explanations, then watch the video and see what you can understand ("I like", "I don't like"). Then do the listening activity under the ACTIVITY tab

You can also find the activity questions under the EXERCISE tab and the answers under the KEY tab.


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Listen to the video and for every question answer YES or NO.


Question YES NO
Does Johnny like CDs?    
Does he like putting gel on his hair?    
Does he like shorts?    
Does he like tea?    
Does he like coffee?    
Does he like revision?    
Does he like dog food?    
Does he like doodling?    
Does he like football?    
Does he like rugby?    
Does he like Pokemon?    
Does he like Apple?    
Does he like spending money?    
Does he like Christmas?    
Total number of items: 14

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