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My Likes and Dislikes: Listening UNIT 4 - part of lesson J
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Here are the things Johnny likes and the things he doesn't like. First read the explanations, then watch the video and see what you can understand ("I like", "I don't like"). Then do the listening activity under the ACTIVITY tab

You can also find the activity questions under the EXERCISE tab and the answers under the KEY tab.

Up in the sky, look!
It's a bird!
It's a plane
It's some sort of super hero!

I like CD's and I also like finding bands that none of my friends have heard of yet.
I don't like putting gel in my hair. I'm ++++, I suppose.
And I don't like the way it gets on your hands afterwards.
I like shorts.
I don't like being dizzy.
I like tea. And I like acting. But I don't like coffee.
I like taking really random photos.
And I like framing photos of my friends.
I don't like revision. And I don't like reading.
And maybe that's one of the reasons that I don't like revision.
I like having my keys with me when I'm out, because I hate having to break into my own house.
I don't like dog food. I tried it once and, uhm, it's horrible. It wasn't like biscuits, it was like jelly stuff, and it was just like processed tripe, basically.
I don't like scary-looking dolls!
I like doodling. This was a plan for a video I was gonna do. Just basically about what I get written by Saturday, when nobody was around. But then, I had so much fun doodling that I really can't be bothered to do a video.
I don't like sports.
I don't like football, I don't like rugby, I don't really like hockey, don't like tennis, don't like golf. I don't mind running, I'm alright at running. Not sprinting, but just like long distances. I'm alright at that.
I like Pokemon!
I don't like Apple, because as soon as you buy the latest i-pod, they go and bring out a new one. Bastards!
And I also don't like them because last time I was on the Apple website trying to buy an i-pod, and I was on a Windows PC, the PC crashed.
I don't like having an empty wallet.
I don't like spending money. But I do it anyway.
I don't like the fact that I'm impulsed by quite a lot.
I like Christmas!
I like you for watching this video.
I don't like not being able to come up with a sign off.


Does Johnny like... ?

1- CD's
2- putting gel on his hair
3- shorts
4- tea
5- coffee
6- revision
7- dog food
8- doodling
9- football
10- rugby
11- Pokemon
12- Apple
13- spending money
14- Christmas


When the verb LIKE is followed by another verb, that other verb usually ends in -ING:

- I like football  (like + noun)
- I like eating ice-cream  (like + verb )
- I don't like spending money  (not like + verb)

But in American English (and also in modern British English) we can use -ing or infinitive with to:
        I like playing football = I like to play football

- I really like TV = I like it very much
- I don't really like TV = I don't like it much
- I really don't like TV = I don't like it at all, I hate it, I do NOT like it.

- I love spending money = I like it very very much
- I hate spending money = I do NOT NOT NOT like it
LOVE and HATE and PREFER are also followed by -ING (or infinitive with to)


Note: The word LIKE may also be something completely different, not a verb, but a preposition:
- It's like jelly (= it is similar to jelly)

In the transcription for this video we have LIKE in red when it is the verb "to like", but not when it is the preposition "like".


1- yes
2- no
3- yes
4- yes
5- no
6- no
7- no
8- yes
9- no
10- no
11- yes
12- no
13- no
14- yes


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