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Men and Women Likes: a listening UNIT 4 - part of lesson J
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This is a listening activity. See under the EXERCISE tab for instructions.

Listen to this man and his wife talking about the things they like and the things they don't like. Here are some things for him and for her, try to understand if they like or don't like them. Mark the things they like with a YES. Listen to the video three times and then check your answers under the KEY tab.

Careful, they are not in order.


his wife
going out for dinner
nice cars
bad things
cook with his wife


her children
new recipes
cook with her husband
do the laundry
being a mother

Answers in order of appearance:


movies YES
nice cars YES
bad things  NO
crime  NO
his wife  NO

cook with his wife  YES
going out for dinner YES

shopping  NO


her children  YES
shopping  YES
new recipes  YES
being a mother  YES

do the laundry  NO
sports  NO

cook with her husband  YES

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