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Who are the rich? - an inspirational story

Who are the rich? - an inspirational story
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop

Who are the rich and who are the poor? What is success? Maybe we should think twice about it.


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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.


Gapped text Items
One day a father took his son ______________________ to show him how poor people lived. They spent a few days on a farm ______________________. ______________________, the father asked the son: in the field / if they returned / with their friends / on their return / on a trip / with a poor family
How was the trip? - It was ______________________ dad! - Did you see how ______________________ the people live?, asked the father. - Oh yea, said the son - So, tell me, what ______________________ from the trip? did you learn / did you find / great / poor / bad / good
We have one dog, they have ______________________! We have ______________________ in the middle of our garden, they have ______________________ that has no end. We have ______________________ in our garden, they have the stars! Our ______________________ reaches our front ______________________, they have the ______________________! horizon / patio / posts / one cat / a creek / four / lanterns / yard / garden / a pool / the world / path
We have a small piece of ______________________, they have fields that go ______________________. We have ______________________ who serve us, but they serve ______________________. We buy our food, they ______________________ theirs. We have walls to ______________________ us, they have their ______________________ to protect them. beyond sight / each other / love / grow / blow / others / family / land / sand / friends / before us / servants / protect
The father was ______________________. Then, the son added... - Thanks dad for ______________________ how poor we are schocked / showing me / amazed / speechless / helping me
Total number of items: 5

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