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ANY in affirmative sentences

ANY in affirmative sentences
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
We can use ANY in affirmative sentences in some special cases. Practise that here and always use ANY when it is the most probable option.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.

As a general rule, we use SOME in affirmative sentences and ANY in interrogative and negative sentences, but here is two cases when we can use ANY in affirmative sentences.

ANY in affirmatives You can use ANY in an affirmative sentence (singular or plural) meaning "no matter which".
[ = cualquier]
- You can take any book you like, I've got many.  (you can take one book, no matter which one)
- You can take any books you like.  (you can take more than one book, no matter which ones)
- That exercise is very easy, any children here could answer that. (this boy, or that girl, it doesn't matter who you choose, they all know the answer)
- You don't need to go there at the weekend, you can go any day you want, it's always open.

  ANY in conditionals We usually use ANY after "if" even in affirmative sentences (but SOME may also be possible)
- If you see anything strange, tell me
- If you like any of these books, you can borrow it


Gapped text Items
Please, phone me if you have ______________________ problems some / any
I'm free all day, call me ______________________ time you like. some / any
If you have ______________________ problems, please call. some / any
I think that's easy, but if you need ______________________ help, those people are here to help you. some / any
If ______________________ speaks again, I will stop the meeting. somebody / anybody
I'm going to the shops. If ______________________ asks for me, tell them I'll be back in one hour. someone / anyone
This is the emergency number. If ______________________ happens, call the police. something / anything
That question is very difficult. ______________________ people know the answer, but not many. some / any
I'm always busy, but try to call me ______________________ time and we can go for a coffee and talk. any / some
John, what's wrong! Can you hear me? Please, say ______________________. something / anything
It's your birthday, I can buy you ______________________ if you like. anything / something
You look hungry. Come inside and have ______________________ to eat, what do you like? something / anything
Wait, I've got ______________________ questions for you. any / some
We need help. Go out and look for ______________________. somebody / anybody
______________________ children are very good at maths. some / any
I need ______________________ paper, have you got ______________________? any / any / some / some
That's easy, ______________________ can do it! some kids / any kid
You can buy bread ______________________ you want, that bakery is always open, even at the weekends. any day / some day / some days
I know everything about birds. Come on, ask me ______________________ something / anything
Call me ______________________ you need help, I'll be always here for you. some times / a time / any time
The weather here is crazy, it can rain ______________________, you never know. any day / some day / some days
Stop looking at the map, we're totally lost. Ask ______________________ for help and let's get out of here. somebody / anybody
I need ______________________ red trousers for the show. Go and buy me ______________________ red trousers you can find, I don't mind which ones, it's only for the show. some / any / any / some
You have to bring a book for the reading meeting. ______________________ fine, just try not to choose a very big one. any book is / some books are
John, darling, ______________________ can appreciate the beauty of a red rose. Why do you think they are out of fashion? any woman / some women
Oh, we forgot the present! Quick, go and buy ______________________ from that shop, it's almost 5 o'clock, the birthday party is going to start in a few minutes! some things / anything
I'm very rich, I can buy you ______________________ you like. Just tell me. something / anything / some things
If you don't know what to say, then just say ______________________, but please, don't look at me in silence, it's scary. a thing / some things / anything / something
All these slogans are great, so just choose ______________________ you like, and we'll use it for the advertising campaign. some slogans / a slogan / some slogan / any slogan
It's a secret. If you say ______________________, I'll never talk to you again. some things / anything / something
Total number of items: 30

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