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Compounds with Some, Any, No and Every

Compounds with Some, Any, No and Every
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Let's practise the use of the compounds with Some, Any, No and Every. Always choose the best option.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.

We use SOMETHING for things
SOMEBODY or SOMEONE for people
SOMEWHERE for places.

We can also make compounds with ANY- and NO-:

NOTHING  /nʌθɪŋ/ NOBODY /nəʊbɒdɪ/ NO ONE /nəʊ wʌn/ NOWHERE /nəʊweə*/

The same rules that apply for SOME and ANY also apply for somebody/anybody, etc:
(you can read the rules on this other lesson: Some, Any, No)

He never does anything bad.
I need somewhere to sleep.
I know someone who could help us.
Do you know anyone who could help us?
I haven't got anything to eat = I've got nothing to eat

The plural of SOMEBODY or SOMEONE is "some people", the plural of SOMETHING is "some things", the plural of SOMEWHERE is "some places".

- There's somebody at the door
- There are some people waiting outside
- Look, I've got something for you, open it!
- I wanted to buy some things but now I can't remember what
- He lives somewhere near here
- You can find palm trees in some places near here

You never use a preposition before compounds with -WHERE

- She must be hiding in the mountains She must be hiding somewhere
- I'm not going to your house I'm not going anywhere / I'm going nowhere
- Are you going to the bar? Are you going anywhere?
You can also make compounds with EVERY-

- Everything = all the things
- Everybody/everyone = all the people
- Everywhere = in/at/to/on all the places

Notice that the verb is always singular
- Everything was quiet = All the things were quiet
- Everybody needs somebody = All the people need some person
- I looked for it everywhere = I looked for it in all the places
- Everybody is happy


Gapped text Items
Has she gone ______________________? anywhere / to any place / to anywhere / everywhere
Would you like ______________________ to drink? I've got coffee and tea anything / something
Is there ______________________ here from Scotland? something / somebody / anybody / everybody / nowhere / anything
______________________ was quiet Anything / Nowhere / Some things / Everything
______________________ needs ______________________ to love anything / anywhere / something / nothing / everybody / anybody / everywhere / somebody
______________________ saw you Anywhere / Somebody / Anybody / Anything / Everywhere
I feel ______________________ strange on my back everybody / something / somebody / anything / everything / anybody / nobody
If you need ______________________, say it somewhere / something / anything / somebody / nowhere / anywhere
You can find palm trees in ______________________ near the city somewhere / some places / some people / nothing / anywhere / something / nobody
I'm not going ______________________ to somewhere / nowhere / anywhere / to anywhere / in everywhere / to nowhere
You can't find that flower ______________________ in anywhere / at anywhere / anywhere / by anywhere
I can't find it ______________________ some places / anywhere / anything / somebody / nobody / in anywhere
There is ______________________ at the door anybody / anything / nobody / nowhere / anywhere / in somewhere / somewhere
I need ______________________ to sleep some where / somewhere / everywhere / no where
I need ______________________ for this experiment, and they are very difficult to find somethings / nothing / anything / something / somebody / some things / anythings
______________________ knows it Nowhere / Something / Anything / Nothing / Nobody
Grass grows ______________________ in everywhere / somewhere / everywhere / some places / in nowhere / some place
He never does ______________________ wrong somebody / nowhere / anything / everywhere / nobody / nothing / something
They are ______________________, inside and upside, far and near in everywhere / everybody / anywhere / everywhere / anything
She lives ______________________ in Africa somewhere / some place / in somewhere / everywhere / at nowhere / anywhere
______________________ is good for me Everywhere / Something / Some things / Anything
Do you know ______________________ here? in everywhere / everywhere / at nowhere / anybody
______________________ know everything anywhere / someone / anything / somewhere / nothing / anybody / some people / somebody
______________________ are talking on the phone anything / somebody / anybody / some people / somewhere / everything / nothing
______________________ are very special something / somebody / everybody / some things / somewhere
Total number of items: 25

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