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Difference between NO and NONE

Difference between NO and NONE
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Let's practise the difference between the article NO and the pronouns NONE or NOTHING/NOBODY. Always use the best option.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.

NOá /nəʊ/ IS AN ARTICLEá - it goes before a noun

NO (=not a / not any)
- There is no sugar = there isn't any sugar
- I have no car = I don't have a car
- I have no problems = I don't have any problems

Note: NO can also be an adverb, the opposite of YES, but that's a different word and it is always used as the answer to a question:
- Do you like it? - No, I don't


NONEá/nʌn/ IS A PRONOUNá -it goes alone

None = No + noun

- He has two cars and I have none (= no cars)
- I bought a lot of milk, but now there is none (= no milk)
- I asked many people, but none knew it (= no people)

If the noun substituted is the word "person" or "thing" we prefer the pronouns "nobody" and "nothing":

- I looked through the window but I saw nobody (not a person)
- I had everything I wanted, but now I have nothing (not a thing)

tip: if you can use "nobody" or "nothing", use them and forget about "none".

- What have you got to drink? - Nothing (not a thing)
- Who went with you? - Nobody (= not a person)
- You have four children and I have none (= no children)


- How many beers have you got in the fridge? - None (= no beers, but maybe I have milk and water, etc)
- What have you got in the fridge? - Nothing (= not a thing, zero, empty)

NONE + of + determiner (the, my, this...)

We always use NONE before OF:

- None of the books is interesting
- None of my friends knows it
- None of us speaks French

To talk about 2 we must use NEITHER /n­ə*/ (AmE /ni:­ər/)

- Neither of my parents and none of my brothers and sisters are here.


Gapped text Items
- How many books have you read this month? - ______________________ Nothing / No / None
- Look at these sweaters. Which one do you like? - ______________________ Nothing / None / No
- Can you give me the big box or the small one? - Sorry, I can give you ______________________ of them. neither / no / none / nothing
______________________ man is an island None / No
______________________ of my friends knows I'm here Nobody / None / No
I have ______________________ plans for the summer nothing / none / no
______________________ of my brothers remembered my birthday Nobody / None / No
- Is there any beer in the house? - No, there is ______________________ no / none / nothing
I have ______________________ wife and ______________________ children any / no / none / no / none / a
I bought two sweaters, but know I like ______________________ of them none / no / neither
Peter and Kevin are out. ______________________ of them will be here before nine o'clock. no / none / Neither / nobody
I have many friends, but ______________________ of them live near here. nobody / no / neither / none
I have 25 students, ______________________ of them older than 12. none / no / neither
______________________ of my fingers was hurt neither / none / no
______________________ of your hands is dirty no / neither / none
______________________ student could understand what she said None / No / Nobody
I need ______________________ food, thanks, I just had lunch. none / no / neither
There's ______________________ place like home none / no / neither / nothing
I have ______________________ cousins in the city no / none
I called for help, but ______________________ came. nobody / none / no
______________________ knows the answer to that question Nobody / No / None
When the police arrive, they could see ______________________ inside the house nobody / none / no
You don't have to help me, I need ______________________ nothing / none / no
______________________ is better than a sunny day on the beach, she said Nothing / None / No
Of course the box is empty, I told you there is ______________________ inside that box. no / nothing / none
Total number of items: 25

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