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ENOUGH: usage and position

ENOUGH: usage and position
Activity Fill in the Gaps
Activity Fill in the Gaps
Let's practise the use of ENOUGH and the order of the sentence when it modifies a noun or an adjective.

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Write the suitable word/s inside the gaps to complete the sentence (using the cue). Use the -TAB- key on your computer keyboard to move from one box to the next.

If you have ENOUGH of something, you have what you need, you don't need more.

We are 5 people, I have 5 or 6 chairs = I have enough chairs, I don't need more
We are 5 people, I have 3 chairs = I don't have enough chairs, I need two more

If you have more than enough, especially if you have much more than enough, we prefer to use PLENTY OF

- Yes, I can go shopping with you, I've got plenty of time, I don't have to work today
- It was a wonderful party, there was plenty of food and drinks for everyone



- Is it big enough for you?  (or do you need something bigger?)
- You're not old enough yet   (you need to be older)
- This house is big enough  (the size of the house is right)


- Have you got enough milk?  (or do you need more milk?)
- There isn't enough blue paint  (I need more blue paint)
- I have enough money to buy a car  (the amount of money is right)

When we have a group of "adjective + noun", we put it in one place or another depending on what we are talking about (the adjective alone or the noun+adjective group?)

1- I've got enough big boxes
2- I've got big enough boxes
Example 1 is talking about BIG BOXES, it is a noun, so we place ENOUGH before = Enough big boxes
Example 2 is talking about the size of the boxes, "big", so it is an adjective, we place it behind = Enough boxes

- I've got enough big boxes  I need 4 big boxes and I have 4 big boxes, everything's ok
- I've got big enough boxes  The size of the boxes is right, they are not too small, they're ok

ENOUGH alone

We can use it alone if it is clear what we are talking about

- Would you like some more chips? - No, thanks. This is enough.
- How many chairs have you got? - Enough.
- When you have a lot of money, you never have enough.


Gapped text
Are you ____________________ to drink alcohol? (old)
I haven't got ______________________ for you all. (beds)
I'm not ________________________ to go through that hole. (small)
I've got boxes ____________________ for that. (big)
I've got ________________________ for all your books. (boxes)
He's ________________________ to break the chair, tell him to sit on the sofa. (heavy)
This suitcase is ____________________. I'll take it. (big)
There are __________________________ for everyone, so don't bring more. (chairs)
There aren't ________________________ in the world. We need more. (trees)
Don't fight. There's ______________________ for everyone. (food)
This ladder is ______________________ to get to the roof. (long)
This shirt is very small, but ____________________ for him. (big)
We can do it now. We've got ______________________. (time)
We haven't got ______________________________ to win this battle, we need many more. (soldiers)
Is your coffee ____________________ or do you want me to heat it up some more? (hot)
Is this price ______________________ for you or do you want to look for something cheaper? (good)
That's not ______________________. Do it again, and try to do it better this time. (good)
- How much milk have you got? - ____________, thanks. (milk)
I need more eggs for the cake, two are not ____________. (eggs)
We needed more pencils, but now we have ____________. (pencils)
Total number of items: 20

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