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Equivalence between reason and result expressions.

Equivalence between reason and result expressions.
Activity SmartMemo
Activity SmartMemo
We will practise the equivalence between expressing reason and expressing result.

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1- Read a sentence expressing reason and change it to express result, or viceversa 2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer. 3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red. (FORMAL) at the end of a sentence means that you need a formal equivalent

Reason and result are interconnected:
A B (A is the cause/reason of B)
B A (B is the result of A)
      I speak English because I am an Australian   (reason)
      As I am Australian, I speak English               (reason)
      I am Australian, so I speak English               (result)


Item Match Comments
As you are hungry, you should come with me for lunch (formal) You are hungry. Therefore, you should come with me for lunch (formal)
I can buy a plain because I'm rich I'm rich, so I can buy a plain
I don't like tango because I can't dance (formal) I can't dance. Therefore, I don't like tango
I love you because you are my son (formal) You are my son. Therefore, I love you.
I was late because there was a lot o traffic There was a lot of traffic, so I was late
It is cold because it is winter It is winter, so it is cold
It must be late because it is very dark It is very dark, so it must be late
She said hello because she knows me She knows me, so she said hello
Since you know Chinese, you should speak to him first. (formal) You know Chinese. Therefore, you should speak to him first. (formal)
There are many animals because this is Africa (formal) This is Africa. Therefore, there are many animals.
Total number of items: 10

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