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EVERY vs EACH / Every one

EVERY vs EACH / Every one
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Practise the difference between EVERY and EACH. Also the difference between EVERYONE and EVERY ONE.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it. When more than one option is possible, CHOOSE THE BEST.

Meaning  Both can be used with little difference in meaning

Every/Each house comes with a garage

But we prefer EACH when we are thinking of people or things separately (one at a time), and we prefer EVERY when we are thinking of people or things together, in a group (remember that EVERY is similar to ALL)

- Each student had to stand up and give an example (more normal than: ...every student)
- The rain fell on every tree (more normal than: ... on each tree)
- She lost every penny she had
- I put a stamp on each envelope

Usage EACH and EVERY are both normally used with singular nouns. EACH can be used to talk about two or more people or things. EVERY is normally used to talk about three or more:
- 1: X
- 2: Each
- 3, etc: Each / Every

- We are losing customers every/each year
- She was wearing rings on each hand  (not: ...on every hand)
- Every child needs a family
- Each girl has a bag

As a pronoun EACH can also be a pronoun, but EVERY needs ONE

- I have two dogs, each has its own dish  (also: ...each one has...)
- I don't have more dictionaries. I have sold every one


Everyone= Everybody (All the people)
- Everyone was trying to find a place to park  (= Everybody was...)

Every one = Every + the pronoun ONE
- I have many friends. Every one is dear to me  (= Every friend is...)


Gapped text Items
She had marks on ______________________ leg each / every
He was holding a coin on ______________________ hand every / each
She gave a sandwich to ______________________ of her two sons. each / every one / every
My two sisters were waiting for me at the airport, ______________________ with her arms open. every / each / each/every
This house has two doors, ______________________ facing a different side of the building. each/every / every one / each / every / everyone
He had an earring on ______________________ ear each / each/every / every
Santa Claus gave a present to ______________________ child everyone / every one / each
______________________ boy had his name written on a card Each / Every / Each/Every / Every one
______________________ girl ______________________ carrying a present Every / Each / were / was / Each/Every
______________________ door ______________________ a different key Every / has / Each/Every / Each / have
______________________ ______________________ ______________________ getting warmer day / every / are / Each/Every / each / is / everyone / days
______________________ child in this room is from your class Every / Each
Almost ______________________ animal needs oxygen to live every / each
______________________ house, without exception, was painted in white. each / Every
My job at the factory? I have to check ______________________ piece to make sure they are perfect. each / every
I have three brothers. ______________________ has children. Each / Everyone / Every / Each one / Every one
I have two sisters. ______________________ ______________________ married to a policeman. Every one / are / Each one / Everyone / Every / is
When I entered the room, ______________________ was sitting. everyone / every / each / every one / each one
It was a great party, ______________________ ______________________ happy. were / was / everyone / each / each one / every one
Here are five boxes. ______________________ has a present inside. Choose one. Everyone / Every one
Total number of items: 20

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