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Exclamations with HOW / WHAT

Exclamations with HOW / WHAT
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Practise the use of HOW and WHAT for exclamations.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.

We make exclamations using HOW and WHAT
HOW + adjectives

- How nice!
- How nice it is!
- How tall that tree is!
- How big your house is!
  WHAT (a) + nouns

the article "a" is only used with countable singular nouns, as usual
- What a surprise!
- What a big house you've got!
- What stupid things you say!
- What beer!

since they're not questions, there is no inversion!!!

- How big that tree is ! What a big car you have ! (exclamation, no inversion)
- How big is that tree !
- How big is that tree?  (question, inversion)


- How beautiful she is  (how + beautiful: adjective)
- What a beautiful girl she is  (what + a beautiful girl: noun)



Gapped text Items
______________________ nice! I like it here What / How / What a
Oh my God, ______________________ big! It's huge! what / what a / how
______________________ interesting this book is! What a / What / How
______________________ blue the sky in Italy is! What / How / What a
______________________ lucky! You won again! What a / How / What
______________________ small those birds are! it's incredible How / What a / What
______________________ tall your son has grown! I can't recognise him! How / What / What a
Kevin with Susie? ______________________ strange! What a / How / What
______________________ beautiful smile you've got! What / How / What a
______________________ nice dress that is! What / How / What a
______________________ tall building! How / What / What a
______________________ interesting book this is! How / What / What an
______________________ old church! How / What an / What
______________________ big eyes you've got! What a / What / How
______________________ cold weather there is here in Finland! What / How / What a
______________________ stupid waiters! I'll never come back to this restaurant How / What / What a
______________________ stupid those waiters are! I'll never come back to this restaurant. What a / What / How
______________________ nice hair! What a / How / What
______________________ nice hair you've got! What / What a / How
______________________ blue eyes! He's so handsome! How / What / What a
Total number of items: 20

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