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Few / Little / A bit

Few / Little / A bit
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Few / Little: how to express small quantities or numbers in English.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.


We use FEW for plural nouns and  LITTLE for singular nouns (usually uncountable) to talk about a small number or quantity of something.

Plurals Few

We've got a little milk and a few eggs
Few politicians are really honest
There were few people at the meeting
Just a little wine, please
Can I try a little of that, please?


If the noun has already been mentioned, we can just drop it and use FEW or LITTLE alone
- Some more soup?   - Just a little, please
- How many people were there?   - Few 

A LITTLE + adjectives / adverbs

We can use A LITTLE to modify adjectives and adverbs (answering the question HOW):

- I'm a little tired today
- Trains here go a little too slow
- I just met you but I already love you a little

Few or a Few / Little or a little?

FEW and LITTLE can use the article A. See the difference:
- I've got few friends here, I need to meet knew people   (negative idea: I need more)
- I've got a few friends here, so we can go out with them  (positive idea: it's enough)
- There's little food, we can't survive here for a week  (negative)
- Great! There's a little food here. I'm so hungry!  (positive)
Note: FEW and LITTLE, with no article, are very formal. In an informal style we prefer to say NOT MUCH/MANY.
- We've got little time (formal) = We haven't got much time (informal)
- Few people understand quantum physics = Not many people understand quantum physics

A BIT (colloquial)

In colloquial English we very often use A BIT OF + noun and A BIT + adjective instead of A LITTLE

- I only had a bit of wine = I only had a little wine
- It's a bit noisy here = It's a little noisy here


Gapped text Items
Can I have ______________________ wine? a little / a few
Can I try ______________________ of that thing? It looks very tasty. a bit / a few
______________________ people can understand this language Few / Little
- How many lions live there? - ______________________. Few / Little
- How many lions live there? - ______________________ Not many / A bit / Not much
I don't know ______________________ people in this city a bit / many / much
I have ______________________ interest in basketball little / few
We need to buy chairs, we haven't got ______________________. much / many / few / little
I like my tea with just a ______________________ sugar a bit / little / much
I'm ______________________ tired, I really need some rest. a little / bit / little / few / a few
It rained ______________________ and now everything is green little / a few / few / a little
It rained ______________________, it's a pity, we need more water for the fields. a few / a little / few / little
Let's celebrate! I've got ______________________ bottles of wine here. a little / few / little / a few
I've got ______________________ friends in Malaga, we can go and visit. few / a few / little / a little
- Some more wine? - Just ______________________, please. a few / few / little / a little
Fantastic! I found ______________________ people living on this little island little / a few / few / a little
We've got ______________________ milk, we need to buy more. little / a few / few / a little
I'm sorry, I have ______________________ time, I can't wait. a few / little / few / a little
I've got ______________________ time, we can go and have a beer. a few / little / a little / few
This is a very nice city, you can still find ______________________ palaces from the 15th century. a little / a few / little / few
It's ______________________ late, I have to go bit / a few / much / a bit
I need ______________________ sugar, have you got? bit / a bit / few / a bit of / a few
She's ______________________ short, but not very. little / few / a few / a bit
He just used ______________________ oil to fix it little / a bit / few / bit / a few / a bit of
- Have you ever met any celebrities? - Oh yes, ______________________ a little / a few / little / few
Total number of items: 25

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