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How to express contrast (but, although, in spite of)

How to express contrast (but, although, in spite of)
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Practise how to express contrast with conjunctions and prepositions

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.


      It's very strange, but I like it
      Although/though it's very strange, I like it
This connector may be emphasized by putting "even" before: EVEN THOUGH
     Even though it's very strange, I like it

ALTHOUGH and THOUGH mean exactly the same and are used the same, but THOUGH is more informal and more common when talking, and ALTHOUGH is more formal and more common when writing. Notice that (AL)THOUGH and BUT are both conjunctions and mean the same, but they go with different sentences:

A but B  (BUT can never go at the beginning of the sentence)
B although A / Although B, A



IN SPITE OF  (followed by a noun phrase or -ing)
      She's sleeping like a log in spite of the noise
      He was elected president in spite of his young age
If we want a sentence with a verb then we can’t use the preposition "in spite of", we need a conjunction like "(al)though".
      Although he is very young, he was elected president

But we can use IN SPITE OF + ING (because -ing can be the noun-form of a verb)
      In spite of loving her, he thought it was best to leave
      We didn't want to buy the house in spite of having enough money

He stayed in bed in spite of feeling better (in spite of + ing)
He stayed in bed although he felt better (although + subject + verb)


Gapped text Items
______________________ he's black, he's not from Africa but / in spite of / Although
______________________ I didn't understand a word, I kept smiling Although / in spite of / but
______________________ it was raining, we went walking Though / but / in spite of
He wanted to buy another car ______________________ having three but / although / in spite of / though
He was elected president ______________________ his young age although / but / in spite of
He's French, ______________________ he speaks good English but / in spite of
I can hear a bird, ______________________ I can't see it though / in spite of
______________________ I've looked for it everywhere, I can't find it Although / In spite of / But
Yes, I know it's very cheap, ______________________ I don't need it in spite of / but / though
I think it's true, ______________________ I can't prove it in spite of / even though
I want to go, ______________________ it's very late in spite of / but
I'll accept it ______________________ I know it's not very good in spite of / even though
______________________ it's very far away, I'll go there But / Although / In spite of
I'll marry you ______________________ your father but / in spite of / although
______________________ the rain, we went walking but / in spite of / though
I got there on time ______________________ the traffic in spite of / but / although
______________________ the years, I still remember her but / in spite of / although
She came, ______________________ you weren't here in spite of / but
She didn't look at me ______________________ she knew me in spite of / though
She's sleeping soundly ______________________ all the noise in spite of / but / although
She's still very attractive ______________________ her age but / in spite of / although
That's strange ______________________ true in spite of / but
______________________ I'm tired, I'll go with you In spite of / Though / But
Yes, it's beautiful, ______________________ I don't like it. in spite of / but
There are many flowers in the garden ______________________ it's still winter although / in spite of
Total number of items: 25


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