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How to express contrast with free connectors

How to express contrast with free connectors
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Practise expressing contrast with free connectors. Remember that they all mean the same, the only difference is the different places they can have inside a sentence.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.


The same idea as ALTHOUGH, but as a free connector, can be expressed with these 6 connectors:

      It's not a very nice flat. On the other hand, it's very cheap
      I wanted to go, but on the other hand, I was too tired, so I stayed at home
Optionally, you can use it with ON THE ONE HAND with the other contrasting idea. This dual construction emphizes the contrast:
      On the one hand I wanted to go, but on the other hand, I was too tired


They all have the same meaning, but they differ in the place they take inside the sentence:
BETWEEN TWO SENTENCES   Nevertheless, However, On the other hand, Yet
      He says he needs money. XXX, he has 2 houses and 2 cars
IN THE MIDDLE OF A COMPOUND SENTENCE   Nevertheless, However, On the other hand, Though
      I was getting bored at the party. When she arrived, XXX, I knew it would be fun
AT THE END Though, Anyway       (but never "although")
      It's a bit strange. I like it, XXX
None of these can go at the beginning of the sentence


Gapped text Items
He was a terrible squash player. ______________________, he was very good at tennis. Anyway / On the other hand / Though
I liked the red one. ______________________, I needed one in blue. Though / On the other hand / But
On the one hand, it's not a very nice flat. ______________________, it's very cheap. On the other hand / anyway / though
A strange dress, ______________________ sexy anyway / yet
He listened to me. ______________________, he didn't believe me. Nevertheless / Though
He says he needs more money. ______________________, he has two houses and three cars. But / Yet / Though
He went to bed very late. ______________________, he got up at 7. But / Nevertheless / Though
It's a wonderful day, ______________________ a bit windy. but / anyway
He's very young. ______________________, very tall for his age. But / Yet / Though
His parents are Italian. He was born in Argentina ______________________. nevertheless / but / though
I can't remember his name. I know him ______________________. nevertheless / though / but
I knew it was too late, but I went there ______________________. on the other hand / anyway / but
I like that shirt. ______________________, it's too big for me. But / Yet / Though
I shouldn't love you, but ______________________, I love you. but / nevertheless / though / although
I want to go for a walk. It's raining ______________________. though / although / but
I was fine. When I arrived there, ______________________, I was exhausted. though / yet / but
It opens at nine. ______________________, today is Sunday. But / Though / Nevertheless
It was a stupid programme. ______________________, a success. But / Nevertheless / Though
It's a bit strange. I like it ______________________. but / on the other hand / anyway
It's beautiful, but not very useful ______________________. but / anyway / yet
It's the perfect cupboard. Too big for my house ______________________. but / although / though
My father gave it to me. You can have it ______________________. but / though / although / yet
She was smiling. When she saw me, ______________________, her face changed. but / although / on the other hand / though
Susie lives in Oxford. She works in London ______________________. though / although / but / yet
Thanks ______________________ anyway / although / but / on the other hand
That car looks nice. It's too expensive ______________________. but / though / yet
They had the machine I needed, but I couldn't use it ______________________. anyway / but / although / yet
They have everything. ______________________, they always want more. Though / Nevertheless / But
Oh, very nice. ______________________, too old. Though / Yet / But
You say you love me, and ______________________, you don't want to marry me. yet / though / however / but
Total number of items: 30

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