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How to express result

How to express result
Activity SmartMemo
Activity SmartMemo
Let's practise how to express result in Englis with translations Spanish-English.

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1- Look at the sentences and think of how to express that idea in English 2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer. 3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.

SO (c)
      I didn't know what to do, so I decided to do nothing
      England is a cold country. Therefore, palm trees cannot grow there
"So" is extremely common when speaking and also the most used result connector when writing.
"therefore" is only used when writing and it’s quite formal and very elegant (but you can’t use it many times in the same text or it would be too much)


abbreviations:  (c.)= conjunction   (f.c.)= free connector    (see the important difference here: Kinds of Connectors)


For Spanish Speakers

SO (c) = así que
THEREFORE (fc) = por (lo) tanto

AS = como...      As I am Australian, I speak English = Como soy australiano, hablo inglés


Item Match Comments
Así que tú eres el hijo del señor McGanagall! So you're Mr McGanagall's son!
Dijiste que tenías comida, así que no compré nada. You said you had food, so I didn't buy anything.
El nuevo coche es más pequeño y por lo tanto más barato The new car is smaller, and therefore, cheaper.
Ella no ha venido, así que sigo esperando She hasn't arrived, so I'm still waiting.
Era domingo. Por consiguiente, no podía estar en el trabajo. It was Sunday. Therefore, he could not be at work.
Es demasiado tarde así que no podemos ir It's too late, so we cannot go
Él no había llegado, y ella estaba, por tanto, muy preocupada. He hadn't arrived, and she was, therefore, very worried.
Inglaterra es un país frío, por lo tanto las palmeras no pueden crecer allí England is a cold country. Therefore, palm trees cannot grow there.
Me llamaste, así que aquí estoy You called me, so here I am
No es demasiado tarde así que podemos ir It's not too late, so we can go
No sabes nada de esto, por lo tanto deberías callarte You don't know anything about it. Therefore, you should be quiet.
No sabía qué hacer, así que decidí no hacer nada I didn't know what to do, so I decided to do nothing. also: ... I decided not to do anything.
No tengo dinero, así que no lo puedo comprar. I haven't got any money, so I can't buy it. also: I don't have...
Pienso, luego existo I think. Therefore, I am.
Solo tenemos tres. Por tanto falta uno. We only have three. Therefore, there's one missing.
Somos primos, por tanto, somos familia. We're cousin. Therefore, we're family.
Usted ha estado todo el día durmiendo, por tanto no puede estar cansado. You have been sleeping all day. Therefore, you cannot be tired.
Usted no está invitado. Por consiguiente, debo pedirle que se marche. You are not invited. Therefore, I must ask you to leave.
Yo no sé, así que dímelo tú. I don't know, so you tell me.
Yo también tengo una invitación, así que podemos ir juntos. I have an invitation too, so we can go together.
Total number of items: 20

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