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Make exclamations with WHAT

Make exclamations with WHAT
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Activity SmartMemo
Let's practise making exclamations with WHAT

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1- Look at the sentence and try to make an exclamation out of it using WHAT 2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer. 3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.

We can make exclamations using WHAT
  WHAT (a) + nouns

the article "a" is only used with countable singular nouns, as usual
- What a surprise!
- What a big house you've got!
- What stupid things you say!
- What beer!

since they're not questions, there is no inversion!!!

- What a big car you have ! (exclamation, no inversion)
- What a big car do you have!
- What car do you have?  (question, inversion)


- How beautiful she is  (how + beautiful: adjective)
- What a beautiful girl she is  (what + a beautiful girl: noun)


Item Match Comments
A beautiful smile What a beautiful smile !
A big park What a big park !
A big, big cake What a big, big cake !
A joke What a joke !
A park What a park !
An old church What an old church
She takes nice photographs What nice photographs she takes !
There are some strange birds in that cage What strange birds there are in that cage !
They are funny children What funny children they are !
This is a big room What a big room this is !
This is a very big park What a big park this is !
Wonderful wine What wonderful wine ! "What a wonderful wine!" is possible, but in that case we are not talking about the wine we are drinking, we are talking about the type of wine we are drinking. If we drink a Rioja, a Sherry or a Lambrusco and we say "what wonderful wine!", we are not saying that this wine I am drinking is excellent, we mean that Rioja (or Sherry, or Lambrusco) is an excellent (type of) wine.
But anyway, since the excersise says "wonderful wine", and not "a wonderful wine", the only correct answer here is "What wonderful wine!"
You have some cute puppies What cute puppies you have !
You've got a beautiful smile What a beautiful smile you've got !
You've got a nice car What a nice car you've got !
Total number of items: 15

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