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Much, Many, A Lot - adjectives -

Much, Many, A Lot - adjectives -
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Let's practise the use of MUCH, MANY and A LOT OF X used as an adjective.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.


We use MUCH for uncountable nouns (singular) and MANY for countable nouns (plurals).

Both can be used in interrogative and negative sentences. MUCH is never used in positive sentences (but we can use "very/too much"). MANY can be used in affirmative sentences, but not often.

   +           -         
Plurals (Many) Many Many
(very much) Much Much

Plurals a lot
a lot
a lot
a lot
a lot
a lot

A LOT OF X, or more colloquially: LOTS OF X, can be used in any situation (countables, uncountables, interrogative, negative, affirmative).

I know many stories
There aren’t many children here
Have you got many brothers?

I drank too much coffee today
I don’t drink much water in the meals
Have you got much experience with this?

You must eat a lot of fruit
I don’t have a lot of friends here
Do you have a lot money?

+ I've got many friends / I've got a lot of friends
- I haven't got many friends / I haven't got a lot of friends
? Have you got many friends? / have you got a lot of friends?

+ I've drunk very much coffee / I've drunk a lot of coffee
- I haven't drunk (very) much tea / I haven't drunk a lot of tea
? have you drunk (very) much coffee? / have you drunk a lot of wine?

I've got lots of friends
I don't need lots of things
have you drunk lots of coffee?

 The question is HOW MUCH? (singular) or HOW MANY? (plural)

- How much coffee have you drunk? - A lot, maybe too much.
- How many people live in your house? - Not many, four.


Gapped text Items
______________________ people do you know? How many / How much
______________________ children have you got? How much / How many
______________________ times do you go there? How much / How many
______________________ apples can you eat in one day? How much / How many
______________________ sugar do you like in your coffee? How much / How many
______________________ milk do you drink every day? How much / How many
______________________ food can I take? How much / How many
______________________ patience do I need? How many / How much
I have ______________________ friends in Spain many / very much / much
You need ______________________ chairs for all those people much / many
There are ______________________ children in the garden much / many / very much
I don't know ______________________ people in this town much / many
They don't want to have ______________________ children many / much
Kevin doesn't work ______________________ hours very much / much / many
My father doesn't have ______________________ shoes much / many
Do you know ______________________ people here? much / many
Have you got ______________________ brothers and sisters? much / many
Does he have ______________________ cars? much / many
Do we need ______________________ chairs? many / much
He doesn't have ______________________ courage many / much
I don't drink ______________________ coffee many / much
We don't need ______________________ food, we're not hungry many / much
I will not be ______________________ time here much / many
My friend didn't want to drive ______________________, so we took the train many / too many / very much
Don't drink ______________________ wine, it gets to your head very much / many
She drinks ______________________ coffee many / too much / much
You need ______________________ water to fill in that tank much / very much / many / too much
Have you got ______________________ petrol in the tank? much / many
Do you need ______________________ money? many / much
Is there ______________________ traffic on the road? much / many
Do you need ______________________ time to finish that? much / many
I have ______________________ friends in this city a lot of / much
I bought ______________________ flowers for you much / a lot of
They need ______________________ books for school much / a lot of
She has ______________________ patience a lot of / many
We need ______________________ time to complete this many / a lot of
She doesn't know ______________________ people in this school a lot of / much
They don't want to have ______________________ children a lot of / much
She works ______________________ hours a lot of / much
I don't have ______________________ sugar left a lot of / many
There's not ______________________ petrol in the tank, we must fill it in many / a lot of
Do you spend ______________________ time playing computer games? many / a lot of
Have they got ______________________ children? much / a lot of
Do you usually put ______________________ cream in your coffee? a lot of / many
There are ______________________ flowers in the garden lots of / much
I have ______________________ time to wait, so no problem many / lots of
James doesn't eat ______________________ biscuits, that is Megan much / lots of
George doesn't drink ______________________ wine, just a little many / lots of
Did she win ______________________ money at the lottery? many / lots of
Do you usually have ______________________ tea for breakfast? a lot of / many
Total number of items: 50


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