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Much, Many, A lot - pronoun & adverb -

Much, Many, A lot - pronoun & adverb -
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
An activity to practise the use of Much/Many without a noun or as an adverb.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.


We can drop the noun after much or many if the meaning is clear:

We don't eat much (= much food)
Do you have books? - Not many (many books)

Have you got many friends?
- Yes, I've got many (= many friends)
also: I've got a lot / I've got lots

Do you drink much tea?
- Yes, very much / a lot / lots

The rules for the use of MUCH and MANY are the same as always:

MUCH for singular nouns, MANY for plurals, both used in negatives and questions.
Many is used in affirmatives (but not often) and MUCH can't (but we can use "very much").  
A LOT and LOTS can be used in all situations.



We can use MUCH as an adverb
- I like tea but I don't drink much (= much tea)
- I love you very much (very much explains how I love you, so it is an adverb)

Examples of much as an adverb (to explain the action):
- I don't work much now, I'm trying to relax  (how I work)
- I'm much taller than you  (how I am)
- I like her very much  (how I like her)
- Thank you very much  (how I thank you)

As usual, we can also say A LOT:
- I don't work a lot
- I'm a lot taller than you
- I like her a lot
- Thanks a lot


Gapped text Items
I love you ______________________ very much / much / many
I don't need pasta, I have ______________________ very much / many / much
We don't travel ______________________ much / many
We went shopping but we didn't spend ______________________ much / many
When I go to a party I never drink ______________________ many / a lot
Thanks for the comic, I have ______________________, but I like this one ______________________ much / very much / a lot
Do you have any friends here? - Yes, ______________________ much / many
Can you give me more photocopies? I don't have ______________________ many / much
Here, you can take one, I have ______________________ much / many
Yes, it's a very nice sweater but I'm not going to buy it, I have ______________________ much / lots
Thank you very ______________________ a lot / much / many
I need more milk, have you got ______________________? many / much
Does she come to visit ______________________? many / a lot
I couldn't see any lions today. Did you see ______________________? much / many
I'm tired of working, this is really ______________________ a lot / many / much
Mary was looking for poppies and she found ______________________ much / a lot
Do you like it ______________________? We can buy it if you want many / much
It didn't rain ______________________ yesterday, just for half an hour much / many
Have you got any pencils? - Yes, ______________________ much / many
- Are you tired? - ______________________ A lot / Many
Total number of items: 20

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