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Prepositions of Time: AT, ON, IN

Prepositions of Time: AT, ON, IN
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
When to use AT, ON, IN as prepositions of time, General rules.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.

Memorise this rule:

At a time, On a day, In a period
AT a time       (times: 10 o'clock, 5:30, etc.)
ON a day       (days and dates: Monday, Thanksgiving, the 5th of June, etc.)
IN a period    (periods of time: week, month, year, 4 hours, morning, etc.)
I get up at 9 o'clock
I was there at noon (noon= 12:00 pm)
You can come at lunch time
I went to Berlin on Monday
I was born on May 2nd
My brother arrived on Christmas Day
He was born in the 19th century
She had her holidays in June
Don't go to Egypt in summer
  IN can be used in two other special cases:
1- To say how soon something will happen
- I'll see you in two days (also: two days' time)
- come to see me again in a week  (also: a week's time)
2- To say how long something takes to happen
- I can run 200 metres in 30 seconds
- he wrote a book in a month



Gapped text Items
The meeting starts ______________________ 10 o'clock at / on / in
We had coffee ______________________ half past six on / at / in
Classes start every day ______________________ 8:30 at / in / on
Everybody went to bed ______________________ midnight on / in / at
She arrived exactly ______________________ tea time in / on / at
We can meet ______________________ lunch time and have something to eat together at / in / on
He finished ______________________ three o'clock at / on / in
They always turn on the street-lights ______________________ sunset in / at / on
I was born ______________________ September 7th on / at / in
I'll go and visit you ______________________ Tuesday at / on / in
We all get together ______________________ Christmas Day on / at / in
Most shops are closed ______________________ Sundays at / on / in
They first met ______________________ my wedding day and now they are married at / on / in
We are starting a seminar ______________________ the 2nd of March at / on / in
Spain celebrates its national day ______________________ October the 12th at / on / in
The last time we went to a restaurant was ______________________ our anniversary on / in / at
I always find it hard to get up early ______________________ Mondays on / in / at
We went to Edinburgh ______________________ summer at / on / in
I love going for a walk ______________________ the morning at / on / in
She doesn't like driving ______________________ the evenings at / on / in
Photography was invented ______________________ the 19th century in / at / on
The countryside is most beautiful ______________________ June on / at / in
Wait for me at the bar. I'll be there ______________________ half an hour in / on / at
I will finish this ______________________ a few minutes, I'm almost done. on / in / at
We can build a house ______________________ three months. Less if we get more people to help. on / in / at
Total number of items: 25

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