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Relative Connectors

Relative Connectors
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Practise what is the right relative connector for every situation.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.

Relative clauses tell something about a noun which we call the antecedent.
     That man is Kevin. He is talking to your father
     = The man    who is talking to your father   is Kevin
    antecedent   └─┼───relative clause───┘
                    relative connector                              
The man is Kevin, OK, but, who is Kevin? Well, he is the person who is talking to your father. So a relative clause gives us more information about the antecedent (the man).

      I’ve got a book. It’s very interesting
      = I’ve got a book which is very interesting
When the antecedent is a person, we use the relative pronoun WHO. When it is a thing, we use WHICH.
The relative pronoun does two things: it is a connector and it can be the subject or the object of the relative clause (just the same function as the antecedent would do itself).

WHO and WHICH may both be replaced by THAT
      The person who/that comes here first will have it
      The house which/that I want is near here
When there is possession (for both people or things) we use WHOSE.
      The house whose windows are broken is Tony’s
      I met a girl whose name was Molly
When the antecedent is a whole sentence, we use the connector ",WHICH"
      She's always smiling, which is very nice
It means "the thing that", so the antecedent (thing) is included inside the connector
      I told him what he wanted to know (=the thing that he wanted to know)
      I've got what you need

Relative clauses of time, place and reason

When the antecedent is a word of time we use WHEN, when it is a word of place we use WHERE and when the antecedent is the word "the reason" we use WHY. In these three cases the antecedent can be removed.
      Monday is (the day) when I don’t work
      This is (the place) where I grew up
      That’s (the reason) why I hate her


Gapped text Items
The man ______________________ is looking at you is my brother where / what / ,which / when / why / whose / who / which
The girl ______________________ lives next to you works with me ,which / what / who / where / which / whose / when / why
The table ______________________ I bought yesterday is broken whose / where / when / which / what / why / ,which / who
The car ______________________ I like is very expensive whose / who / what / ,which / that / why / when / where
The woman ______________________ blouse is blue is the president's wife where / when / who / which / whose / what / ,which / why
The mountain ______________________ top is white is 2,500 metres high what / whose / which / who / why / when / ,which / where
I dropped all my champaign on her trousers______________________ was very embarrassing where / when / which / who / why / what / , which / whose
That movie is too slow and nothing happens______________________ is really boring why / where / what / , which / when / which / who / whose
She's always happy. That's ______________________ I like about her. what / why / where / whose / ,which / who / which / when
Sorry, this is not ______________________ I need whose / where / what / why / when / who / which / ,which
Sunday is the day ______________________ I rest what / which / who / whose / ,which / where / why / when
That's the house ______________________ I was born when / what / whose / which / where / who / why / ,which
She's very mean and evil. That's ______________________ I don't like her. which / what / ,which / when / who / why / where / whose
The boy ______________________ is playing over there is my nephew what / when / that / ,which / where / whose / which / why
The book ______________________ I'm reading now is very interesting what / that / when / where / why / whose / who / ,which
Total number of items: 15

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