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SOME used in questions

SOME used in questions
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
In this activity we will practise the use of SOME in questions. Choose the most normal option for each sentence (Some or Any).

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.


We use SOME in affirmative sentences and ANY in interrogative and negative sentences. But this rule has some exceptions. One important exception is that sometimes we can use SOME in questions:

SOME in questions  You must use SOME in questions when you expect or encourage the answer "yes". In these cases, you use SOME because a negative answer is possible but it would surprise you.

you see your friend rubbing his eye:
- What’s wrong, have you got something in your eye?
a mother to her 10-year-old son:
- Can you buy some bread when you go to the shop?
For the same reason we also use SOME in questions for offerings and requests, because we are expecting (or hoping) an affirmative answer:
- Would you like some coffee? (offering)
- Can I have some more sugar, please? (request)

In all other questions we normally use ANY

- Have you got any brothers or sisters?


Gapped text Items
Can I have ______________________ more coffee, please? any / some
Can I have ______________________ wine? My glass is empty any / some
Have you got ______________________ books I can read? any / some
Can I borrow ______________________ eggs from you? Some friends are coming for dinner and I have not enough eggs. any / some
Hey mum, have you got ______________________ colour pencils I can use? I can't find them. some / any
Would you like ______________________ wine? I see your glass is empty. any / some
Would you like ______________________ more biscuits? You must be hungry. any / some
Do you want ______________________ more soup? There's plenty left. some / any
Here is your coffee. ______________________ sugar? Any / Some
Would you like ______________________ books to read? I have lots of interesting books you'll love. any / some
Do you mind if I put ______________________ music on, please? any / some
Have you got ______________________ time to talk, please? any / some
Hey, what are you doing here in the florist? Are you buying ______________________ flowers? any / some
What are you doing here in the park all alone? Are you waiting for ______________________? anybody / somebody
Welcome to my restaurant, sirs. Would you like ______________________ to drink? anything / something
Why are you looking under the bed? Have you lost ______________________? anything / something
- Excuse me, can I ask you ______________________? - Sure, what is it? anything / something
You look totally lost, do you need ______________________ help? some / any
Have you got ______________________ children? some / any
Do you need ______________________ eggs? I think the shops are still open. some / any
Are there ______________________ elephants in Vietnam? some / any
Do you have ______________________ roses in your garden? I have lots, I love roses. any / some
Did you find ______________________ people lost when you went to the mountains? any / some
Did ______________________ know the answer to that difficult question? somebody / anybody
This boutique is so small, do you see ______________________ you like? I don't. anything / something
Have you got ______________________ friends in Paris? We're going there next week. any / some
I know you've been asking people about me. Well, here I am, is there ______________________ you would like to know? something / anything
Do you usually drink ______________________ wine in your meals? any / some
Do you think I can find ______________________ bookshops in this area? any / some
Are there ______________________ volcanoes in your country? some / any
Total number of items: 30

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