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Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
STILL or YET? In affirmative sentences we can only use STILL, but for negatives and questions we can also use YET. Practise the difference between both.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it using the best option.


We use STILL to say that something has not finished  (we look to the past)
- It's still raining  (it started raining in the past and it has not stopped)

We use YET to say that we expected something to happen but it has not happened... but we think it will.  (we look to the future)
- Annie hasn't arrived yet. She's late


STILL goes in mid-position (before normal verbs and after special verbs: modals and auxiliaries)
- I still love you
- I can't still see anything

But very often we put it always after the subject, so it usually goes before special verbs too!
- I still can't see anything

YET always goes at the end of the sentence
- The movie hasn't started yet


We use STILL in all kinds of sentences

(+) I didn't forget. I'm still thinking about it
(-) I've read your explanations, but I still can't understand
(?) Are you still working for Microsoft?

We only use YET in negatives and questions

(-) Wait for me, I haven't finished yet!
(?) Has your father arrived yet?


STILL and YET in negatives and questions

Remember that STILL looks to the past and YET looks to the future

1- I still don't have a job  (I've been looking for a job in the past but I don't have a job)
2- I don't have a job yet  (but I will, sooner or later)

Case 1 thinks of the situation as something that was negative and is negative.
Case 2 thinks of the situation as something that is negative but will be positive.
So the situation is the same, but in 1 we are pessimistic about it and in 2 we are more optimistic.

In questions we also have the past/future look: STILL asks if a past action continues or not, and YET asks if something is true or we must wait a bit more.

- Is it still raining? (the past rain continues or not?)
- Is it raining yet?  (is the action true now? if not, I expect it to be true in the future)


Gapped text Items
Don't go out, it's ______________________ raining ______________________ -- / still / yet
I'm ______________________ fixing your computer ______________________. It will be ready tomorrow yet / -- / still
He ______________________ doesn't want to help me ______________________. Can you talk to him? I'm tired of trying to convince him. -- / yet / still
She's ______________________ very worried about the situation ______________________ yet / still / --
I explained everything, but they ______________________ don't understand ______________________. It's so frustrating! still / -- / yet
I'm ______________________ trying to find a hotel ______________________ still / -- / yet
I haven't found a hotel ______________________ yet / still
She's ______________________ looking for you ______________________ -- / still / yet
She hasn't finished ______________________ yet / still
Ann is ______________________ at home ______________________ -- / yet / still
Ann hasn't arrived ______________________ still / yet / --
Sorry, I've been trying, but I ______________________ don't love you ______________________. We must break up. -- / still / yet
I ______________________ don't love you ______________________, but I think I will very soon. yet / still / --
I've been working for 2 years but I ______________________ don't have enough money to buy a car ______________________. What can I do! still / -- / yet
I don't have a car ______________________, maybe next year :) still / yet
Where's David? He's not at home. He should have finished work 20 minutes ago. Is he ______________________ at work ______________________? -- / yet / still
Is your husband ______________________ at home ______________________? I saw his car parked outside, but I thought he worked until 2 o'clock, at it's only 12! Anyway, can I see him now? yet / still / --
Oh, come on! Are you ______________________ angry with me ______________________? You haven't talked to me for two weeks! -- / still / yet
- Are you ______________________ looking for Susan ______________________? - Yes, I can't find her. -- / yet / still
- Have you ______________________ found Susan ______________________? - Yes, she was in the park. still / -- / yet
You've been sitting there for 2 hours. Are you ______________________ tired ______________________? still / -- / yet
We've been running for 30 minutes. Are you ______________________ tired ______________________? Well, I am. still / yet / --
Is the baby ______________________ sleeping ______________________? He's been sleeping for 12 hours! still / -- / yet
Is everybody ______________________ eating ______________________? I hope you were not waiting for us to start, it's too late. still / yet / --
I'm really sorry but I miss you. Are you ______________________ OK ______________________, or ______________________ angry? still / -- / yet
Total number of items: 25

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