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Time connectors (simultaneous actions, etc.)

Time connectors (simultaneous actions, etc.)
Activity SmartMemo
Activity SmartMemo
Here we are going to practise how to express events that happen at the same time and some other emphatic forms. Spanish to English translations.

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1- Look at the sentences and think of how to say that in English (or write it down) 2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer. 3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.


BEFORE (c.) (f.c.) (p.)
      Wake me up before you go (c.)
      Enter the house, but before, you have to disconnect the alarm system (f.c.)
      Don’t just open the door. Before that, ask who is knocking (f.c.)
      I met Charles before lunch (p.)

WHEN (c.)
      When I opened the door, the dog looked at me and went out  (First I open the door, then, the dog goes out)
If we want to show that the second action happens quickly and unexpectedly we use:
      Phone me as soon as you see her
      The moment I saw her, I lost control



AFTER (c.) (p.)
       After the bomb exploded, everything was quiet
       I went out after work
THEN (f.c.)
LATER (f.c.)

Later suggests an interval of time between both actions. Afterwards and then can be used when there is an interval of time or when the second action takes place immediately after the first one.

      There was an explosion. Afterwards/Then, everything was quiet
      She had a shower. Later/Afterwards/Then, she went for a walk

If we want to emphasise that the second actions happens immediately after the first one:
      I saw her. Suddenly, I lost control



FIRST (f.c.) often used with "then" or also with "second", "third", etc.
      First, go into the house, then, go upstairs and wait for me
      First, switch it on. Second, search for the channel, and last, adjust the volume



if both actions are long, we usually use:
WHILE (c.)
     While Mary was studying, Peter was painting
     Mary was studying. Meanwhile, Peter was painting
if one action is long and the other one is short or instantaneous:
AS (c.)
WHEN (c.)
WHILE (c.)
      As / When / While I was walking down the street, I saw a rabbit


abbreviations:  (c.)= conjunction   (f.c.)= free connector (p.)= preposition    (see the important difference here: Kinds of Connectors)


For Spanish Speakers

BEFORE (c.) (f.c.) = antes de que / antes,
WHEN (c.) = cuando
AS SOON AS (c.) = tan pronto como
THE MOMENT = nada más + inf. , en cuanto
AFTER (c.)= después de que
AFTERWARDS (f.c.) = después,
THEN (f.c.) = después, entonces,
LATER (f.c.) = luego, más tarde
SUDDENLY (f.c.) = de repente
FIRST (f.c.) = primero,  (often used with "then")
WHILE (c.) = mientras
MEANWHILE (f.c.) = mientras, / mientras tanto,
AS (c.) = según


Item Match Comments
Comenzó a llover nada más salir It started to rain the moment I went out
De repente, me miró y sonrió. Suddenly, she looked at me and smiled.
Disfruta de tus vacaciones mientras puedas Enjoy your holidays while you can
El teléfono empezó a sonar en cuanto me metí en la bañera The phone started to ring the moment I got into the bath
En cuanto me vieron comenzaron a disparar As soon as they saw me, they started to shoot
Estaba descansando, pero de repente me acordé de que ella estaba esperando. I was having a rest, but suddenly I remembered she was waiting.
Estábamos en casa tomando café. Mientras, fuera llovía un montón. We were at home having some coffee. Meanwhile, it was raining a lot outside.
Él volverá pronto. Puedes esperar aquí mientras tanto. He'll be back soon. You can wait here meanwhile.
Iré a verte en cuanto pueda I'll go and visit you as soon as I can
Iré allí tan pronto como esté todo listo I'll go there as soon as everything's ready
Kelly estaba estudiando. Mientras, Pedro estaba pintando. Kerry was studying. Meanwhile, Peter was painting.
La vi con él. De repente perdí el control. I saw her with him. Suddently, I lost control.
Mary abrió la puerta según estaba yo llamando Mary opened the door as I was knocking
Mary estaba jugando con los niños. Mientras tanto yo cocinaba. Mary was playing with the children. Meanwhile, I was cooking.
Mientras bailaba, era feliz While (she was) dancing, she was happy
Mientras los niños estaban en el jardín me tomé un descanso While the children were in the garden, I had a rest
Mientras Mary estudiaba, Peter estaba pintando While Mary was studying, Peter was painting
Mira la tele mientras preparo la cena Watch TV while I prepare dinner
Nada más conocerla supe que era maravillosa The moment I met here, I knew she was wonderful
Nada más terminar me vine para acá The moment I finished, I came here.
No empezamos hasta las seis. Mientras, tómate una cervecita. We won't start until six. Meanwhile, have a beer.
No, te lo tienes que pensar primero. No, you have to think about it first.
Primero entra en la casa, luego vete al salón y espérame First, go into the house. Then, go upstairs and wait for me.
Primero lee las instrucciones del juego. Luego (2º) instala el programa y por último juega con él First, read the instructions of the game. Second, install the programme, and last, play with it.
Primero necesitas dinero, y luego puedes comprarlo si quieres First you need some money, and then you can buy it if you want
Según estaba ella saliendo llegó su primo As she was going out, her cousin arrived
Según estaba Jack duchándose sonó el teléfono As Jack was having a shower, the telephone rang
Según estaba sentado leyendo el periódico, la puerta se abrió As he was sitting reading the paper, the door opened
Según estaba yo sentado, el perro saltó encima de mí As I was sitting, the dog jumped on me
Según iba andando por la calle me encontré diez libras As I was walking down the street I found 10 pounds
Según iba andando por la calle vi a tu madre As I was walking down the street, I saw your mother
Según iban hacia Canterbury vieron algo muy extraño As they were going to Canterbury, they saw something very strange
Según la estaba mirando me vió As I was looking at her, she saw me
Según me hago mayor, me vuelvo más optimista As I get older, I get more optimistic
Según venía para acá me encontré esto en la calle As I was coming here, I found this in the street
Susan se echó la siesta. Mientras tanto, yo llamé a mi madre por teléfono. Susan was having a siesta. Meanwhile, I phoned my mother.
Todo ocurrió de repente Everything happened suddenly
Todo ocurrió nada más marcharte tú Everything happened the moment you left
Ven en cuanto quieras Come as soon as you want
Vete primero allí y pregunta Go there first and ask
Total number of items: 40

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