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Verb + Object + Verb patterns

Verb + Object + Verb patterns
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Let's practise the construction: verb + object + verb, when the second verb may be an infinitive with or without to, or an -ing form.

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Click on the correct verb at the bottom and drag it into the empty box to complete the sentence.


  V + O +  inf

want, ask, invite, order, tell, teach, advise, allow, beg, cause, command, encourage, expect, force, need, order, recommend, remind ....

    I want you to go
    She invited me to have dinner
    I told you not to do it
    She taught him to do it the right way


  V + O + bare inf

let, make, (help)

    Please, let me go
    She made me do it
    I’ll help you move the table (also: I'll help you to move the table)

  V + O + -ing

The object of the first verb is the subject of the following -ing form. In this case we can also use a possessive adjective.

excuse, forget, forgive, etc.

    Excuse me interrupting you   /   Excuse my interrupting you


Gapped text Items
Sorry, but I want you ______________________ going / to go / go
He asked me ______________________ him with the boxes to help / help / helping
I'd like to invite you ______________________ to my party to come / come / coming
He ordered us ______________________ our hands up to put / putting / put
She told me ______________________ for a little puppy she had lost in the garden to look / looking / look
They don't allow people ______________________ in this area smoking / to smoke / smoke
She begged me ______________________ with her going / go / to go
Our teacher encouraged us ______________________ in English on Facebook chat / to chat / chatting
I don't expect you ______________________ me, but you should be nice love / to love / loving
They helped him ______________________ the house he was looking for to find / finding
I can't go now, I need ______________________ this first finishing / to finish / finish
Let me ______________________ to her for a minute, please talk / to talk / talking
My mother made me ______________________ all the beds before going out with my friends do / to do / doing
We can't let this ______________________ again happening / happen / to happen
The thief made him ______________________ his car open / to open / opening
I can't help you ______________________ the computer, I have no idea fixing / to fix
She helped me ______________________ the colour for the walls choose / choosing
Excuse ______________________, but is that your car over there? me ask / me to ask / my asking
I will never excuse him ______________________ my favourite toy breaking / to break / break
Forget me ______________________ so late, I had a big problem at home to be / being / be
She finally forgot ______________________ so rude during the party him to act / him act / his acting
You must forgive ______________________ Susan, he didn't know you were engaged his marrying / him to marry / him marry
I can't forgive them ______________________ so rude to my wife to be / be / being
The rain caused the smoke ______________________ to disappear / disappear / disappearing
She wants me ______________________ the doctor call / to call / calling
Total number of items: 25

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