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Peppa Pig: The Fire Engine (Peppa Pig)

The Fire Engine
Activity True-False
Activity True-False

Peppa's mother is going to the mummies' fire-engine practice.


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For every sentence mark if it is true or false or if there is no information about it.


Question T F ?
Daddy Pig is a fireman.      
Mummy Pig is going to the Mummies' Fire Engine Practice      
Daddy Pig says he has got a very important meeting at work.      
Daddy Pig and his friends are having a barbecue as well.      
Daddy Pig is coming out to play with Mr Dog, Mr Cat and Mr Mouse      
Peppa wants to stay at home and have a party with her friends.      
In the fire station there is a fire engine, a ladder for climbing, a hose for squirting water, and two little bells to ring.      
The mummies go up the tower to do some dancing.      
The fire phone is only to be used by the police.      
Daddy Pig is not supposed to ring on the fire phone, because It's only for emergencies.      
Daddy Pig is calling on the fire phone because he can't find mayonnaise.      
Mummy Pig asks Daddy Pig to win the football match.      
Miss Rabbit has only put out 1 fire.      
Daddy Pig wanted the barbecue to be on fire for some time longer.      
Daddy Pig hates muddy puddles.      
Total number of items: 15
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