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The Fire Engine (Peppa Pig)
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Peppa's mother is going to the mummies' fire-engine practice.

I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Peppa Pig.


Mummy Pig is dressed as a fireman.
- Mummy, why are you dressed like that?
- I am going to the Mummies’ Fire Engine Practice.
- Oooooo.
- Oh, oh, it’s just a good excuse for a cup of tea and a chat.
- Well, what are you doing today, Daddy Pig?
- I’ve got a very important meeting with the Daddies’ Football Team.
- Ah, that’s just a lot of grown-up boys kicking a football around.
- We are having a barbecue as well.

- Here are Mr Bull, Mr Rabbit, Mr Pony and Mr Zebra.
- Mooo, is Daddy Pig coming out to play?
- He-he-he, come on!
- Mummy, can we see the fire engine?
- Yes.
- Oh, goodie!

This is Miss Rabbit’s fire station.
- Hello, Peppa and George, come and see the fire engine.
- Wow, fire engine!
- There is a ladder for climbing, a hose for squirting water, and a big bell to ring.
- Ding-dong, ding-dong. He he he.
- Now, let’s go up the tower and look for fires.
- Hello, everyone!
- Hello, Peppa, hello, George!
- Ah, who is for a nice cup of tea and a chat?
- That sounds nice.

- Ooo, a telephone.
- Peppa, that is the fire phone. It’s only to be used when there is a fire.
- Ah, fire, fire!
- Fire station, where is the fire, where is the fire?
- Can I speak to Mummy Pig, please?
- Oh, it’s Daddy Pig.
- Ah, Daddy Pig, you are not supposed to ring on this phone, It’s only for emergencies.
- This is an emergency, I can’t find the tomato ketchup anywhere.
- Daddy Pig, shall I light the barbecue now?
- Yes, please, Mr Rabbit.
- Do be careful with the barbecue, Daddy Pig.
- Trust me, Mummy Pig, we daddies know everything about barbecues.
- Bye.
- Maybe it needs more charcoal?
- Give it a bit of a blow.
- Put a few more firelighters on.

- Now, we just have to wait for a fire.
- How long do we have to wait?
- Oh, it could be a long time, I have been waiting ages.
- How many fires have you actually put out Miss Rabbit?
- Uh.. none, not 1 fire. But you’ve got to be ready.
- It’s the fire phone.
- Oh, can you answer it, Peppa, it’ll probably be your daddy again.
- OK.

- Hello, fire station.
- Hello Peppa.
- Oh, daddy, it is you, you are very naughty! This phone is for fires only.
- Can you put Miss Rabbit on, please? There is a good girl.
- Daddy wants to speak to you.
- Hello Daddy Pig, this phone is only to be used when there is a...
- Fire, fire, fire!
Oh dear! Daddy Pig’s barbecue is on fire.
- Fire, fire!
- Mummies to rescue.
- Wheee!
- Hold tight.

- Fire, fire, ding-dong, ding-dong.
- It’s Miss Rabbit’s fire engine.
- Hurray!
- Stand back, daddies.
- Mummy Dog, turn on the water!
- Ay, ay, Mommy Pig.
- The fire is out.
- Hurray!
- Thank you for saving us, Miss Rabbit.
- No problem. It’s all part of the service. The Mummies’ Fire Engine Service.
- And now that Miss Rabbit has kindly flooded out our garden, we can all jump up and down in muddy puddles.
- Yes!
- I love fire engines, especially when they make muddy puddles.
- Ha ha ha ha ha

FIRE ENGINE= (AmE "fire truck") A lorry with a big water tank firemen use for travelling and puting out fires. (see picture)

CHAT= A small conversation about unimportant things.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY?= We use a present continuous tense (you are doing) with a time expression (today) to talk about plans for the future. (we could also use "be going to": What are you going to do today?)

TEAM= A group of people who work together to do something. In this case, it is a group of players that play football together.

GROWN-UP= (noun or adjective) An adult, a person who is older than 18 years old.

KICKING= To kick is to use your foot to hit or move something (in this case, the ball).

BARBECUE= Grilled meat; a party celebrated in the garden, usually, where meat is grilled and eaten. (see picture)


GOODIE!= An expression of joy (used by children)

FIRE STATION= The firemen's office.

COME AND SEE= When the verbs COME or GO are followed by another verb, we usually put AND in the middle (but it is also possible to use TO: "Come to see...")

LADDER= See picture

HOSE= A flexible pipe made of rubber used to take water to a different place (usually to water plants, but in this case, to put out a fire). See picture

SQUIRTING= To squirt is to eject (liquid) forcibly in a thin stream from a narrow opening. For example, when a little boy pees, he squirts.

WHO IS FOR..?= Who would like...?

YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO...= You shouldn't...

LIGHT= To light a fire, a barbecue, a house, etc. is to make it burn.

DO BE CAREFUL= We use DO in an affirmative sentence when we want to emphasize the verb.

TRUST ME,= Believe me,

CHARCOAL= Half-burnt pieces of wood, all black, used to make barbecues or to heat up. (see picture)

GIVE IT A BIT OF A BLOW= (coll.) Blow it a little.

FIRELIGHTERS= A firelighter is a long lighter used to light a fire, or also little cubes filled with some kind of petrol (gasoline) that will help it start burning quickly. (see picture)

AGES= (usually: for ages) For a very long time (i.e. "I haven't seen you for ages!")

ACTUALLY= In reality, for real.

PUT OUT= To put out a fire is to extinguish it, to make it disappear.

NAUGHTY= (especially of children) bad, not good.

PUT xx ON= If you put somebody on, you tell them to pick up the phone and talk.

THERE IS A GOOD GIRL/BOY!= A sentence parents say to their children to praise them when they do something good or nice (= you are a good boy/girl).

THIS PHONE IS ONLY TO BE USED WHEN...= This phone must only be used when...

ON FIRE= If something is on fire, it is burning.

AY, AY= Yes, Yes (used in the military, etc)

THE FIRE IS OUT= The fire is extinguished.

FLOODED OUT= If you flood out a place, you fill it with water.

MUDDY PUDDLE= A puddle full of mud. A puddle is a little place on the ground with water (when it rains you get puddles), and mud is water mixed with earth. (see picture of mud and a puddle)

Peppa Pig: The Fire Engine
Peppa Pig: The Fire Engine
Peppa Pig: The Fire Engine
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