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Classroom objects (SimonFilm)

Classroom objects
Activity SmartMemo
Activity SmartMemo
Are you ready to go back to school? MasterBlaster will help you learn the basic vocabulary you will need there.

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1- Look at the words and think of its meaning (and maybe pronunciation)
2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer.
3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.


Item Match Pronunciation Comments
blackboard pizarra /blćkbɔ:d/
book libro /bʊk/
chair silla /tʃeə*/
chalk tiza /tʃɔ:k/
crayon lápiz de color /kreɪən/
desk pupitre /desk/
eraser goma de borrar (AmE) /ɪreɪzə*/
felt-tip rotulador, marcador /feltɪp/
notebook cuaderno /nəʊtbʊk/
pen bolígrafo, pluma /pen/
pencil case estuche /pensəl keɪs/
pencil sharpener sacapuntas /pensəl ʃɑ:pnə*/
rubber goma de borrar (BrE) /rʌbə*/
ruler regla /ru:lə*/
scissors tijeras /sɪzəz/
stapler grapadora /steɪplə*/
thumbtack chincheta ʌmtćk/
wastebasket papelera /weɪstbɑ:skɪt/
Total number of items: 18

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