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Present Simple - YES/NO QUESTIONS (Alex)

Present Simple - YES/NO QUESTIONS
Activity Multiple Choice
Activity Multiple Choice

Correct pattern of YES/NO answer questions.


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Choose the option that best answers or completes the question or sentence.


Do you have a car?
A- Yes, I have.
B- Yes, I do have.
C- Yes, I do.
D- No, I don't have
Does he have a good job?
A- No, he don't.
B- Yes, he do.
C- No, he doesn't.
D- Yes, he does have.
Do we need milk?
A- Yes, we do need.
B- Yes, we do.
C- Yes, we need.
D- No, we no do.
Does she walk to school?
A- No, she don't.
B- Yes, she do.
C- Yes, she does walks.
D- No, she doesn't.
Yes, I wake up early every morning.
A- Are you wake up early every morning?
B- Does you morning wake up early?
C- Do you early morning wake up every day?
D- Do you wake up early every morning?
No, he doesn't play chess.
A- Does he plays chess?
B- Does he play chess?
C- Do he plays chess?
D- He does plays chess?
No, we don't see each other on weekends.
A- Do you sees each other on weekends?
B- Do you see on weekends each other?
C- Do you see each other on weekends?
D- Do see you each other on weekends?
Yeah, Mark lives here now.
A- Does Mark lives now here?
B- Does Mark live now here?
C- Does Mark lives here now?
D- Does Mark live here now?
No, it doesn't cost a lot of money.
A- Does it cost a lot of money?
B- Does it cost a lot money?
C- Does it costs money a lot?
D- Does costs it a lot of money?
No, I don't want to work overtime.
A- Do you overtime work want?
B- Do you want to work overtime?
C- Does you want to work overtime?
D- Do you wants to work overtime?
Total number of items: 10

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