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Symphony in slang (idioms)

Symphony in slang (idioms)
Activity SmartMemo
Activity SmartMemo
This activity will help you learn lots of colloquial idioms in English.

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1- Look at the words and think of its meaning (and maybe pronunciation)
2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer.
3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.


Item Match Comments
A beautiful girl stepped into the picture. I met an attractive woman and she became significant to me.
A tear ran down my cheek. I cried softly.
After going through a lot of red tape. After many bureaucratic and confusing processes.
At the crack of dawn. In the beginning of a new day.
Did you follow me? Did you understand what I said?
Every time I opened my mouth, I put my foot into it. I kept saying the wrong thing.
He gave me the gate. I was fired/dismissed from my job.
He sent me up the river to do a stretch in the jar. He sent me to jail for a long period of time.
He spent his money like water. He was very generous with his money (or simply spent too much)
He was connected with the railroad. He worked for a railroad company.
He's all thumbs. He's very clumsy. As if all your fingers became thumbs, so you wouldn't be able to do things properly.
Her clothes fit her like a glove. Her dress was clinging tight on her body, the perfect size for her.
How’s tricks? Hello An informal greeting.
I carried on. I continued, I persevered
I couldn’t cut the mustard. I was not adequately skilled to do the work that was required.
I died laughing. I laughed a real lot, uncontrollably.
I dropped in on Mary. I made her a surprise visit.
I felt a tug at my elbow. Someone was pulling on my arm.
I gave him the slip. I managed to escape from him.
I got a job slinging hash. I got a job serving food in a restaurant. Especially a cheap establishment.
I got goose pimples. I got nervous. Goose pimples are those little lumps you get all over your skin when you feel cold, or nervous, or afraid, ...
I got up with the chickens. I rose up very early in the morning. Roosters/cocks are known to crow at the sunrise, so this expression is synonymous with rising up early
I heard it from the grapevine. I heard a rumour.
I made a lot of dough. I made a lot of money.
I put on my white tie and tails. I dressed in a formal tuxedo.
I raised a big stink. I protested vigorously.
I seemed to grow up overnight My time as a child seemed to pass by quickly
I threw myself at her feet. I implored her for mercy and grace.
I tried to chisel in. I tried to interrupt their good times, get in the way.
I walked out on her. I left her presence, especially in a rude manner.
I was beside myself with anger. I was very very upset/crossed/angry.
I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth I was born into a rich family
I was feeling mighty blue. I was very sad.
I was up against it. I was in a very unfortunate situation.
I went to pieces. I became very upset/sad.
I wrote a check and it bounced. There was not enough money in the bank to cover my expenses.
In no time the law was on my heels. Soon the police were very close to catching me.
It felt good to stretch my legs again. It was nice to experience freedom again.
It was raining cats and dogs. It was raining very hard.
My breath came up short panted. I was breathing harder than normal due to my excitement or tiredness.
My little hole in the wall. A small dingy room.
My money was running out on me. I was spending all my money quickly.
Our eyes met. We noticed each another.
She gave me a date. She agreee to spend time with me, to go out together.
She had good looking pins too. She had attractive legs.
She let her hair down and ate like a horse. She acted in a relaxed manner and she ate a real lot.
She put on the dog. She wore a formal evening gown and looked very attractive in it.
She turned her back on me. She ignored what I had to say.
That burned me up. I became very angry.
The boss was short-handed. The boss didn't have enough employees to do the necessary work. Being short-handed means not having enough employees to do the necessary work because you need more "hands" to help you, more people.
The cat had her tongue. She didn't say anything.
The groom had his hands full too. He was very busy.
The guy at the piano played by ear. He played without the use of a sheet music.
The guy got in my hair. He was a constant nuisance.
The judge tried to pump me. The judge tried to get information out of me.
The proprietor drew a gun on me. The proprietor pulled out a pistol and pointed it at me.
They sprung me. I was released from prison.
To be in a pickle. To be in an uncomfortable situation.
We chewed the rag awhile. We had a little chat, a small talk.
We went around together for some time. She was my girlfriend for a period of time.
We were painting the town red. We were enjoying parties all over the city.
What’s cookin’? Hello An informal greeting.
What’s new? Hello An informal greeting.
Total number of items: 63

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