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Insatiable (Darren Hayes)

Activity MasterBlaster
Activity MasterBlaster
Learn vocabulary with this interactive game based on the song Insatiable, by the Australian singer Darren Hayes.

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You have a word and 4 options. Choose the right option.

(If the timer is on, you must choose your option before the time finishes.)


Item Pronunciation Meaning
'cause /kɒz/ because
above /əbʌv/ in a higher level, over
barely /blɪ/ hardly, almost not
bathe /beɪ/ have a bath; impregnate, cover with something
below /bɪləʊ/ in a lower level; under
breathe in /bri: ɪn/ take air inside your body
breathe out /bri: aʊt/ expel air out of your body
chase /tʃeɪs/ run after, persecute
chase away /tʃeɪs əw/ force to go away, send away
church /tʃɜ:*tʃ/ Christian temple
crawl /krɔ:l/ to walk like an insect with 4 or many legs
drop /drɒp/ a very small quantity of a liquid
fall asleep /fɔ:l əsli:p/ start sleeping
footsteps /fʊtsteps/ the sound of feet walking
heart /hɑ:t/ your organ to pump blood / to love
hold /həʊld/ embrace, put your arms around somebody
hold hands /həʊld hds/ grab each other's hands
insatiable /ɪnsʃəbəl/ impossible to satisfy
let it go /let ɪt gəʊ/ stop keeping control
levitate /levɪteɪt/ float, stay up in the air
linger /lɪŋgə/ persist; stay longer than expected
moonlight /mu:nlaɪt/ the light from the moon
racing /rsɪŋ/ acceleration
revolve /rɪvəʊlv/ spin, turn around its axis
scent /sent/ perfume; nice smell
sheets /ʃi:ts/ cloth layers in a bed
soar /sɔ:*/ to fly very high up
stain /steɪn/ a dirty spot on your clothes or skin
take your clothes off /teɪk jɔ:* kləʊz ɒf/ undress, remove your clothes
takes me in /teɪks mi: ɪn/ conquers me
taste /teɪst/ to distinguish flavors in the mouth
the lights are low /ə laɪts ɑ:* ləʊ/ the lights are not very intense
turn me on /tɜ:n mi: ɒn/ get me excited
turn the lights down /tɜ:n ə laɪts daʊn/ reduce the brightness of the lights
turn the lights down low /tɜ:n ə laɪts daʊn ləʊ/ reduce the brightness of the light very much
upon /ʌpɒn/ on
wanna /wɒnə/ want to
Total number of items: 37

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