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Basic Real English: is this resource bank for me?

Basic Real English is a resource bank for beginners, useful for both teachers and students. This bank contains more than 1000 videos from starters to intermediate. Here you can find not only…

Create your own video pages

As a registered user you can create your own video pages, just like the ones you can find at the VIDEOS or MUSIC sections! This video shows you how to create a…

Our Widgets

A present for webmasters:  Our dynamic gadgets (or widgets) are a virtual window into Multimedia-English and now they're free! Every time someone opens your website they'll see a different selection of videos,…


Webmasters   If you want to link to this site, at the bottom of the page you can find some banners and logos you can use, and if you want a description of…

About this website

MULTIMEDIA-ENGLISH is a video-tube website designed to help you learn real English while having fun and offers good quality resources for teachers too. It uses authentic material to show you how real…
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