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Aunt Irma visits (The IT Crowd)
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Part of the British comedy series "The IT Crowd" (fragment from Season 1 Episode 6).

Our three friends are in charge of the computer department and the boss has organised a little party to celebrate the success of the new computing improvements, so our friends expect a big public recognition for all their efforts.

Alright, ok...
I know you won a party! But I have to say thank you to a few people after what has been a momentous week for this company. Project Iccarus has increased our productivity... 10 folds. Every department is working at three times usual speed due to the increased interconnectivity of our... computer system!

Computers! Computers! How could I talk about all that computer stuff, all... of that computer gobbledegook, without... saying a word about... the lawyers! They cut the red tape!  They cut the red tape! They cut the red tape! Come on!
- Yes!
- You cut it! You cut it!...

That's enough! And when you're talking about computers, how can you fail to mention... Accounts!

- He's building up to us! He must be!

And finally, last but not least... Champagne... These three people proved, time and again, that they have... the right stuff! The toilet cleaners! They said we couldn't do it! They said outsourcing our toilet cleaning would be inefficient! Derk, Banhead and Doodles proved them wrong!

- Toilets!
- That's right Doodles!
- Where are you going?
- They do this every time.
- They never remember us!
- But... you did the work! You did all the work!

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