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A man in love with a tree
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This strange story has been inspired by the great story The Giving Tree. Read that first.

My teacher once asked me the definition of a friend. My friend is someone who stands beside you and never leaves your side. My friend stayed in one place. I always knew where to find her. No one understood the connection we had for each other, all the love I had for her. She was everything that I needed in my life. She'd never call me names or beat me up. My mum doesn't understand.

She [=the tree] would never wonder where I'd been. She would give me her undivided attention and we'd cherish the time we had. She gave to me her body. She sacrificed herself to me. And that was the greatest gift.

STANDS BESIDE YOU= If someone or something stands beside you they are standing next to you. But this expression usually means "is faithful to you". If someone stands beside you (or "stands by you"), they love you and support you, they care about you, they help you when you need it. In this case, he's using both meanings at the same time, because the tree stands (physically) beside him, and also supports him because she is his friend. (He uses SHE for the tree because he considers her like a person).

CALL ME NAMES= Insult me.

BEAT ME UP= Fight me. To beat someone up means to strike or kick (a person), usually repeatedly, so as to inflict severe physical damage.

WONDER= Be curious about, want to know.

HER UNDIVIDED ATTENTION= All her attention (100%).

CHERISH= To treat, experience or remember with affection and tenderness. If you cherish a moment, you appreciate it a lot, you value it and live it feeling grateful for it and feeling love and affection. If you cherish (or treasure) a memory, you remember it with love and tenderness and you appreciate it a lot because it's very important for you.

GIFT= Present.


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