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4-G) Money UNIT 4 lesson G
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On this video you will learn to read numbers about money and there is also revision of dates. To remember the explanations about dates go back here --> dates in English.


Written --> $ 25  /  ₤10  /  € 5
Spoken --> twenty five dollars  / ten pounds  / five euros
Written --> $ 25.12  /  ₤10.45  /  € 5.50
Spoken --> twenty five dollars, twelve cents (or "cent")  / ten pounds, forty-five pence  / five euros, fifty cents
or we can also say: twenty five dollars, twelve  / ten pounds, forty-five  / five euros, fifty.

Note: in America you can also use "AND" and say $2.50 = two dollars AND fifty.

In the UK, 1 pound = 100 pence
singular: penny  / plural: pence
1 penny, 2 pence, 5 pence
in colloquial English we can say:
1 quid = 100p (one hundred "pee")

In the US, 1 dollar = 100 cents
but in colloquial English we can say:
1 buck = 100 pennies
1 penny (= 1 cent), 2 pennies (=2 cents)

In the UK, a penny is 1/100 pounds, and the plural is "pence"
In the US, a penny is a colloquial term for "a cent" and the plural is "pennies"



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