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5-G) Jobs (Real English) UNIT 5 lesson G

Learn about professions. See the rest of the videos from this lesson below.

This video shows street interviews. The second part of the video comes with subtitles.


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- I'm an actor
- a gardener
- a police officer
- a musician
- a librarian
- a nurse
- a taxi driver
- a domestic engineer (= a housewife)
- a store manager
- a salesman
- a hairdresser
- I'm unemployed at the moment (= now I don't have a job)
- a traffic warden

Just remember we always put the article a/an before the name of professions in the singular. There are 3 different question:

- What is your job?
- I'm a teacher. We are all teachers here.

- What do you do?
- I'm a doctor
- I'm a student. They are students too

- What is her profession?
- She's a scientist

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