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Dates & Years in British & American English (English with Lucy) UNIT 4 - part of lesson F
Touch a word or the <play> button for sound
Click on a word or on the <play> button for sound
Click on a word or on the red <play> button for sound

How to write and say dates in British and American English

After doing these activities press the button CHECK (inside their page) to correct your answer (use American date number format).

1- What day is 7/5/55? --> 7/5/55 AmE
2- A little listening exercise --> when's your birthday? AmE
3- Listen and then build the correct sentence at this exercise --> Ramona's birthday AmE
4- Another listening exercise (there are 2 exercises here) --> Jennifer's birthday AmE
5- Another listening exercise (there are 4 exercises here) --> Holidays AmE
6- Another listening exercise (there are 5 exercises here) --> Whose birthday is in March?


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