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Describing a Picture PRACTICE 3 lesson E
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Learn how to describe a picture in English. In this lesson you will find how to name the parts of a picture, how to explain what you can see, what is happening, and many examples of picture description.

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On this video you will see the different parts of a picture so you can say where everything is: in the foreground, on the left side (also "on the left-hand side), etc.

Also, you will learn how to talk about where people/things are and what they are doing.

Here are some useful guidelines:

- Always start by saying what the picture is about

- Start describing what the most important thing in the picture is, and then talk about other things around it

- Start with a brief description of things, and then, if you have time, give more details

- Talk about what you see, but also about what is happening

- Use your imagination, speculate about things you don't know but you can imagine by looking at the picture (don't get too wild here though)

- It is ok to give your personal opinion and reaction to what you see, that will make your description richer, more personal and more original.


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