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Frequency adverbs: listening (& foreign) UNIT 5 - part of lesson E
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Before listening to the video, read the comprehension questions below (in the ACTIVITY tag). Watch the video and try to answer the questions. Then, check your answer with the KEY.

(frequency adverbs in CAPITAL letters)

Great. Ok. Now we're gonna do some dialogue based on the house.
- Ok.
- Brian, What do you do in your bedroom?
- I sleep.
- Sleep, that's right.
- What time do you USUALLY go to bed?
- I USUALLY go to bed at 9:30 (nine thirty)
- 9:00? Ok, that's great. And how about the dining-room, what do you USUALLY do in a dining-room?
- I eat dinner.
- Eat dinner, good.
- Do you eat dinner with your whole family?
- SOMETIMES somebody's missing from dinner. Who's USUALLY missing?
- SOMETIMES my father is at work.
- At work, Ok, your father works late?
- Yes.
- What time does he USUALLY come home?
- Uhm, he USUALLY comes home around 10 on Tuesdays.
- On Tuesdays. Wow, that's very late. Ok. And, how about in the bathroom? What do you USUALLY do in... what things do you do in the bathroom?
- I brush my teeth.
- That's right, that's one.
- I take a shower.
- Take a shower.
- And I comb my hair.
- Comb your hair. That's right. Ok. HOW OFTEN do you take a shower?
- TWICE A WEEK, ok. You're a busy boy, are you?
- Yes.
- Ok. Or maybe real lazy. I don't know. Ok. One more thing here. How about in the kitchen? What do you do in the kitchen?
- I watch my mother cook.
- Watch your mother cook. Good. Can you cook anything, Brian?
- Err, yes, I can cook cereal.
- Cereal. Ok, that's... How do you cook cereal?
- It's a... instant oat meal.
- Oh, Ok, I see, I thought... Milk and cereal, ok. Do you eat that everyday for breakfast?
- No, usually my mother cooks.
- Mother cooks, ok, that's it. Ok, that's it!


1- What time does Brian usually go to bed?
2- How often does he have dinner with his family?
3- Who is usually missing at dinner?
4- What time does Brian's father usually come home?
5- How often does Brian take a shower?
6- Who usually cooks in the kitchen?


1- 9:30
2- Sometimes
3- his father
4- at 10 (on Tuesdays)
5- once or twice a week
6- Brian's mother



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