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Giving opinions (New English File) PRACTICE 3 - part of lesson L
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On this video you can see how people use the language to give their opinion and discuss different options. The second part of the video gives you some practice and also repeats some parts with subtitles.


[asking and giving opinion markers in bold type]

- That was a great concert last night, Scarlett.
- Thanks.
- As we know, Scarlett’s got a new CD coming out soon. So let’s have a look at the best way we can promote it in France.
- OK, well … I think Scarlett should visit the major music stores. In my opinion, that’s the best way to meet her fans.
- I’m not so sure. What do you think, Jacques?
- Actually, I don’t agree with Mark. Scarlett isn’t commercial in that way.
- Scarlett? Scarlett?
- I agree with Jacques. I don’t have a commercial image. It isn’t my style.
- OK, but Scarlett needs more publicity. What about a series of TV and radio interviews? Don’t you agree?
- Yes, but that’s what everybody does. What we want is something different.
- Personally, I think Scarlett should tour clubs and summer festivals. She can DJ, play her favourite music, play the new CD, and meet her fans, too.
- Yes, absolutely. That’s a much better idea. Mark?
- OK, why not?
- Scarlett?
- I think…that’s a great idea. Thank you, Jacques.


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